Bamboo flooring, info and prices

Bamboo floor: prices, useful information, pros and cons. Bamboo floor suitable for underfloor heating or bathroom furnishings.

Thebamboo flooris very similar to theparquetbut it is described as more sustainable and more resistant: bamboo has a very rapid growth so as to quickly compensate for the plants cut down for the production offloors.

The bamboo floorit is suitable for domestic environments and for outdoor surfaces as it is much more resistant than other wood solutions, it is also much more water resistant than laminate wood floors. As is clear, thebamboo floorit is much stronger than wood, does not need to be replaced in the short term and has a very long lifespan.

Thebambooit is very similar to parquet, so much so that we get to talk aboutbamboo parquetavailable on the market in different colors, from beige to dark brown.

Bamboo floor,disadvantages

The main disadvantage, from an industrial point of view, lies in cultivation. Making the cultivation of the bamboofor industrial purposes, it is the flowering and fruiting with a cycle of 28-100 years, which involves the strong weakening of the plantation and its uselessness from an industrial / artisan point of view for at least 5 years, the time necessary for the seeds to germinate and develop root system such as to allow the new canes to grow tall and robust, to age and to be ready for the production offloors.

From a practical point of view, ibamboo flooringtoday they have no particular disadvantages.

Until recently they could be described as difficult to clean and easy to stain. Today, almost all companies already offer a basic product bamboo floor specially processed to be stain resistant and easy to clean.

To clean thebamboo floorit will be necessary to use a neutral detergent, the classic well wrung mop and…. unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, it will be necessary to refrain from waxing.

Bamboo flooring, advantages

As clarified, today it is possible to choose bamboo coverings suitable for every need. The market deliverssound-absorbing floors, light, flexible and also suitable for ceilings and walls. Among the advantages of bamboo, there is no lack of impact on health and the environment.

Some bamboo floors have French Class A certification for low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds). In closed environments, VOC compounds can have a very negative impact on human health.

From an environmental point of view, bamboo is very affordable: fast-growing varieties regenerate within 5 years. The amount of material that can be produced from bamboo compared to trees is 20 times higher considering the same cultivation area.

Bamboo is a very resistant material, just think that the resistance to tension of the bamboo fibers is almost double that of steel! This is why high-density bamboo is so long-lasting.

Bamboo flooring, prices

The highest prices are found in the context ofbamboo flooring for outdoorsand garden. Based on the houses and guarantees obtained, ipricesof thebamboo floorthey can swing a lot. An outdoor bamboo floor, guaranteed for 30 years and from the Moso line, has a price starting from 89 euros per square meter. Much cheaper ibamboo parquetfor domestic use with prices of around 30 euros per square meter.

Thecosthigher is required for thehigh density bamboo. In its high-density variant, the bamboo strips are subjected to various processes up to the maximum compression of the plant fibers of the bamboo. the fibers, thus compressed and compacted, allow the final product to reach the highest possible durability class. Thehigh density bamboooffers durability, stability, hardness, resistance ... it can also be suitable for the installation ofwall coveringsin the bathroom or for parquet flooring in the bathroom and other areas subject to humidity.

Thehigh density bambooit is also suitable for heating with radiant panels. With the spread of bamboo, even retailers likeLeroy Merlinthey make their proposals. From Leroy Merlin, a version with three pre-finished layers, resistant to scratches, bumps and stains, can be bought at a cost of 58.65 euros per package. One pack offers coverage of 1.47 sqm.

Bamboo upholstery

Not just floors. The bambooit is a very versatile material. Even though it is still little known in Italy, this material is appreciated in the rest of the world. He is known for a number of social projects such as:

  • The Warka Water Tower (for collecting rainwater)
  • The Blooming Bamboo Home (floodproof house)
  • The neighborhoods of popular bamboo housing in Latin America (Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia).

The versatility of thebambooit is such that there are no limits of use. In Italy thebambooit is timidly spreading forcoatingsof floor, ceiling and walls.

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