Dried flowers, the guide

Dried flowers, the guide

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THE dried flowers they are widely used in home furnishings and especially in floral arrangements. In this regard we will show you how to dry the flowers without any difficulty.

Dried flowers, how to pick flowers
Not all flowers are suitable for drying: orchids, tulips and all those flowers that have very fleshy petals and are rich in water are not good. But there are roses, hydrangeas and peonies, long-stemmed flowers, mimosa, violets that lend themselves wonderfully to being dried. For harvesting it is preferable to use specific gardening scissors by cutting the stems of the flowers at the bottom: they must in fact be left long to dry the flowers more easily.
Before moving on to drying, check the condition of the flowers, they must not have spots or lesions.

Dried flowers, the procedure
To dry the flowers we can use different techniques, the simplest one is to hang them upside down, preferably collected in small tied bunches, in a dry and airy environment, away from sources of heat and light. The bouquets must be tied with a straw or raffia thread in order to avoid damaging the stems. You can then hang them on the clothesline in the attic or in the garage. Short-stemmed, heavy flowers must follow another type of drying. In this case, you need to get a large box that contains the flowers well and some fine sand. The sand must be placed on the bottom of the box with a layer a few centimeters high to then be able to lay the flowers, which must be covered with more sand. The box should be placed in the sun (or on a radiator) for 15 days. After this time, with a semi-rigid brush, very gently remove the dust that has remained stuck to the flower.

Dried flowers, useful tips

  • Also get sprigs loaded with leaves or berries, which will serve to embellish and make your dried flower compositions original. Sprigs of ivy, spikes, herbs, oak leaves and other leafy trees may be suitable. You can also use moss for your compositions, even if drying is rather slow.
  • For small flowers or loose petals that can be used to create linen scents and put-pourri just insert them between the pages of a tightly closed book, which will act as a press and, in a few days, will dry the flowers perfectly.

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