How to deflate your methane gas bill

General winter arrives and the nightmare of gas bill that weighs so much on the home budget. We expect the months of intense cold that the forecasts say or, like last year, the mild climate will it allow us to save a few euros?

However it will be winter, you can deflate gas bill even by choosing the supplier with the offer most in line with our consumption profile, which will save us several euros every year.

In the free market, staying at all costs linked to our old contracts can be not very convenient, especially in the face of new affordable offers. The rate comparator can help you to choose the cheapest promotion for deflate your gas bill.

It is also about geopolitics. Given the current situation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there is fear - despite the denials - that sooner or later Gazprom will block supplies and gas prices in Europe will rise.

This is why it may be convenient to enter into a contract that provides for the blocking at a level established at the start of the gas component (usually for two years). Examples of suppliers who practice this type of operation are A2A Clean energy, Acea Energia with Acea Unica, Fixa of Eni, CasapiĆ¹verde is MyEnergy of GDF SUEZ Energie.

Another good idea may be to take out an offer dual fuel, that is, which includes both the supply of gas and that of electricity. This way you can get additional discounts. Furthermore, the advantage of having only one interlocutor for problems and questions that arise with your supplies should not be underestimated.

In addition to stipulating a good supply contract, of course, it is necessary to adopt the good practices that make it possible to lower consumption. Here are three simple simple ones: never exceed 21 degrees centigrade with its own thermostat in case of autonomous heating; check it periodically state of the fixtures; keep the windows open for the air exchange as little as possible in winter or in any case with the room doors closed.

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