Treehouse: the tree houses

Tree houses to live in trees. The treehouse is something more than a game, it is the last frontier of sustainable architecture that continuously expands its borders.

In the tree houses you can have fun but you can also work and live in contact with nature 20 meters from the ground. You can rediscover with pleasure the scents and sounds of nature away from the smog and chaos of the city. Living in a tree today is not a crazy idea, spending a holiday there is becoming normal.

It is no coincidence that more and more people are choosing eco-resorts to sleep in the trees to experience a go wild experience than they remember, but above all the number of those who choose tree house to escape from the daily routine and in this case without giving up the comfort of a tree suite.

Why in the tree houses you can also have the comforts and a SUN, the International Exhibition of the Exterior at Rimini Fiera (23-25) you can see it with your own eyes in the park of the house on the tree.

The tree house park designed by Studio Grassi Design is a new idea of ​​hospitality, in contact with nature, made with eco-friendly materials, renewable energy and organic products. Tree houses suspended, with common and private spaces, all in the name of sustainability, ecology and the enhancement of the territory.

A place where the tree houses they are not just a refuge for the little ones, but a fascinating place where adults and children can experience a whole new atmosphere of life, play and relaxation in contact with nature.

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