Cervical: natural remedies

Neck pain, natural remedies. How to cure neck pain and how to relieve inflammation of the cervical area. Remedies for neck pain, shoulder pain in the cervical area.

The cervical involves physical pain that radiates from the neck to the shoulders and arms, making movement difficult. The discomfort may persist for a few days or become chronic. Fortunately i natural remedies they can be very valuable in relieving symptoms. In this regard, let's see how to treat cervical pain and tension by resorting to natural remedies.

Cervical area

The cervical area is made up of seven vertebrae that form the supporting axis of the neck and head. These vertebrae have peculiar characteristics compared to the other vertebrae of the spinal column. Primarily, these are much smaller vertebrae with rather short and stocky transverse processes. The inflammation affecting these vertebrae is calledneck pain. Thereneck painit is one of the most widespread ailments in the Western world.

Cervical, natural remedies

Ginger and Dragon's claw are plants that exert an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, there are natural remedies that are too neglected but which are the most effective: we are talking about corrective gymnastics and correct postures. Let's see in detail how to relieve pain in the cervical area.


Ginger, dried in powder or fresh in juice (to be added to centrifuged) is very effective against inflammation. Just add it to your daily diet to have a mild anti-inflammatory effect. Among the best ginger-based remedies we point out the ginger and lemon herbal tea.


Ice is a good remedy for pain as it numbs the area on which it is applied. To enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy, place ice in a waterproof bag, taking care to line the bag with a thin cloth to avoid direct skin contact. Place the ice pack on the areas affected by neck pain, holding it for at least a quarter of an hour. If the pain does not go away, continue for another quarter of an hour.

Arnica or devil's claw

It is an ancient herbal remedy commonly used to relieve neck pain. To find out about all the properties and where to buy the devil's claw extracts, please refer to the dedicated page: "arnica montana, property “.L'mountain arnicait can also be grown in the home garden:cultivate the devil's claw.


A good remedy for the cervical is represented by the heat as it is able to increase blood circulation. With vasodilation we will relieve the tension in the neck muscles. For this natural remedy you can use a warm wet towel or even a bottle filled with hot water to apply to the cervical area. If after 15-20 minutes the pain gets worse, stop with the treatment. Thermotherapy can be used, which consists of alternating hot and cold at intervals of 5-10 minutes, for a total of about 20-30 minutes.


In contrast to relaxation there is stress. Stress is the cause of muscle tension and neck pain. In this case, it is enough to understand the main causes of the stress and remedy. Once you have identified the stressors you can use some methods to relax: yoga, meditation, breathing, progressive relaxation, etc.

Corrective gymnastics

Posture greatly affects the health of our vertebrae. I myself tend to position the head slightly forward with respect to the shoulders and the rest of the body. This tendency has led me to assume an incorrect posture with strong repercussions on the cervical area and also on the health of my back. For this reason, I turned to a good posturologist and found that my problem is more widespread than I thought.

Bad postures are a collective problem. From childhood they should educate us to assume a correct posture but, unfortunately, this need takes a back seat.

A good posturologist will make you "open your shoulders "and position the neck well in relation to the rest of the body.

Correct posture during sleep

If you wake up in the morning with headaches and pains radiating from the neck down, you are probably sleeping with the wrong pillow.

To solve the problem of morning headaches and neck pain, it is possible to use special pillows. I have personally solved the problem with a "pillow cervical”Advised me by my orthopedist. The pillow in question tends to relieve muscle tension that accumulate in the neck and shoulder area. I personally useTempur Qeen neck pillow, it is a bit expensive but I have gained from it in terms of quality of life. On Amazon you can buy it at a price of 80 euros (free shipping).

For all information, I invite you to visit the product page:Tempur Qeen neck pillow.

Neck pain, other remedies

In addition to the natural remedies as devil's claw, therapy (hot or cold), ginger, natural anti-inflammatories…. it is advisable to use methods that can prevent or solve this problem upstream.

  • Achieve a healthy weight, overweight and obesity can make neck problems worse.
  • Strengthen your abdominal muscles.
  • Massage the areas affected by the discomfort.
  • Maintain proper posture and consult a posturologist.
  • Adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, stress increases muscle tension by further inflaming the cervical area.

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