Electric off-road vehicle

The electric off-road vehicle is a reality and an all-Italian project, born from the intuition of Roberto Seminara, an entrepreneur expert in electrical engineering in the automotive sector, supported by Alessandro, Claudio and other experts in electric traction and renewable energy.

The prototype you see depicted in the opening photo of our article, called KKBologna, is the result of years of work that required the use of the most advanced technologies available to create a vehicle with unique characteristics on the off-road electric vehicles.

In fact, mounting an electric drive on a vehicle is a complex challenge that requires the massive use of technology: the software used by the electric off-road vehicle designed by Roberto monitors 1343 parameters per second on the traction and 400 other variables on the vehicle, including for example:

  • controlled discharge of lithium batteries
  • controlled equalization in real time
  • motor torque control and other mechanical parts
  • controlled and equalized battery charging
  • peaks of energy demand and control of batteries in order not to lower their life and duration
  • all parameters considered in different operating temperatures from -20 to +60
  • controlled and safe energy recovery
  • recognition of the performance of the traction system at very low or very high temperatures
  • checks on temperature thresholds on battery packs and inverters
  • real-time voltage and current controls
  • checks on the functionality of the BMS battery managers
  • checks on every single cell
  • checks on functions and performances in real time and statistics of the 12 kw engine
  • checks on all other parts of the electric drive system

The electric off-roader will be available in four configurations:

  1. Street - with 2/3 styles and models to customize the vehicle
  2. Off Road - with 3 models and equipment: Tourist, Rental, Extreme / Race
  3. Hybrid - with the possibility of customization in less than half an hour with change of the external bodywork and wheels
  4. Special means - they will be produced only on specific customer orders and in this case both technical and aesthetic customizations can be requested.

The body of the electric off-road vehicle Bologna KK

The production and market strategy involves collaboration with multidisciplinary teams to arrive, within one year of launch, at the final vehicle and then present it in different versions and equipment to a wide audience of potential customers and in different markets. In reality, the style drafts of the definitive medium are ready (and those who have seen them have “approved them with flying colors”! :-) but they cannot yet be published on the internet.

Roberto is however available to show them to interested people who want to contact him.

As for sales, the electric off-road vehicle is aimed at three types of customers

1. private individuals, both for road and off-road use;
2. groups of entrepreneurs for off-road and tourist rental activities (in this case leasing formulas are also provided);
3. regional and provincial distributors / charterers (mainly for tourist sales and rental);

The project also includes the creation of autocross / off-road tracks with the possibility of organizing national and international championships.

An innovative one will also be available for recharging the batteriesPhotovoltaic Kit from 1.6 to 3.2 KWp (new more powerful models are currently being studied) for a production of the same number of KWh for each hour of exposure to maximum irradiation or in proportion to the radiation.

With the photovoltaic kit it will be possible to recharge the batteries to 50% - 100% (10-18 KWh) in about 3/6 hours, for example during the scheduled stops of an excursion.

The Energy Kit can be rented, it will be portable and inserted in the vehicle.

The electric off-road vehicle offers great hiking potential that allows you to reach mountain locations, such as farmhouses or wineries in a completely ecological way: without polluting and without making noise!

If you are interested in more information on electric off-road vehicles or if you want to participate in the path that will lead to mass production and marketing you can contact Roberto Seminara at the email address: [email protected] , on his kkBologna Facebook page or via Skype to robertoseminara users.

Roberto is also interested in getting in touch with importers and dealers willing to participate in his project.

If you want to see the electric off-road vehicle Roberto in action you just have to enjoy this video!

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