Hyundai Intrado, features of the hydrogen car

With theHyundai Intrado, the Korean manufacturer continues to bet on food ahydrogenwith fuel cells. Before the Intrado it was the turn of the Hyundai Tucson and even before that of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, already widespread in Europe.

ThereHyundai Intradoit aroused amazement at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year and confirmed its success at the recent 2014 Paris Motor Show; there are already many Italians who are wondering aboutexit of the Hyundai Intrado, a question that will remain unanswered for a long time to come.


ThereHyundai Intradoand theconcept carwith which the Korean house indicates its new direction both on the stylistic / aesthetic front and on the technological front. Who hopes for an imminentExitwill be disappointed, however it is true that theIntradois something more than a mere exercise in style: theIntradodemonstrates the company's intentions to improve dynamism, lightness of the materials used, strength, safety and comfort on board.

The increase in performance continues under the hood where the concept car sports a hydrogen power supply with next generation fuel cells; the engine is flanked by the new 36 kW lithium-ion batteries, to understand the leap just think that the currentHyundai ix35 hydrogen poweredpresents 24 kW accumulators developed in partnership with LG.


The lines of the body are strongly influenced by the frame made of carbon fiber; the innovative carbon fiber not only affects the frame but also the passenger compartment with details in contrast with the colorsOrange of the sessions.

Intradouses two high pressure hydrogen storage tanks capable of holding pressurized hydrogen at 700 bar. The first tank is smaller and is located under the rear passenger bench, the second tank is larger and is hidden between the rear axles (just like theHyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, is hidden under the rear cargo bed).

The two tanks are smaller than those seen on board the hydrogen Hyundai ix35, in fact together they can hold 100 liters of hydrogen against the 144 liters of capacity of the ix35 FCEV. The 36 kW battery is located under the front seat floor.


Despite the reduced capacity of the tanks, the autonomy of theHyundai Intradoit is comparable to that of the ix35 FCEV, about 600 km on a single tank of hydrogen.

Hyundai Intrado dimensions
Length 416 cm
Width 185 cm
Height 156 cm
Step 262 cm

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