How to build a scarecrow

Thescarecrowit is the oldest method used to protect the garden from birds. Thescarecrowis a puppet with human features which, mounted on two crossed wooden sticks, serves to instill fear in passing birds.

The classicscarecrowit has been replaced by threads and ribbonsreflectors much easier to install, but those who prefer can try build a scarecrowaccording to peasant tradition.

What is needed for build onescarecrow?

  • An old deflated balloon or a polystyrene egg that can be opened (can be bought in DIY and hobby stores)
  • An old white cotton shirt
  • A rubber band
  • A knife
  • A pencil and some paints to paint the face
  • The handles of two old brooms (or two wooden poles)
  • A rope
  • Straw or hay or old rags
  • Scissors
  • Raffia to make the hair
  • Old straw hat
  • Old clothes
  • Hot glue

How to build a scarecrow

  1. Cover the sphere (balloon or polystyrene egg) as best as possible with the white cotton shirt and tie the lower top of the fabric with an elastic.
  2. With a knife, pierce the base of the sphere so that it can penetrate the wooden stick (or broom board).
  3. With the pencil, draw the features of your facescarecrowand to make them visible, help yourself with markers, preferably indelible. Since yoursscarecrowit will be exposed to the weather, if you do not use indelible markers it is better to spray fixed spray paint.
  4. Insert the stick in the hole made and with a rope fix another perpendicular immediately under the head, you will have to obtain a sort of cross, the two crossed sticks will give life to the upper limbs. The stick you have just attached represents the arms of thescarecrow.
  5. With the raffia, create the tuft of hair, glue it on the head and with the scissors cut off those too long.
  6. With old clothes, dress yoursscarecrowand stick a straw hat on his head.
  7. To make your trousers wearscarecrow, make a hole at the level of the horse so as to pass the wooden stick.
  8. Stuff the clothes with straw or old rags.

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