Online electricity contract

Choose the online electricity contract cheaper means saving even a few hundred euros a year on the electricity bill, while at the same time managing to carve out an offer that is more suited to one's consumption and habits.

Many suppliers, in fact, reserve particular conditions only to those who stipulate the online electricity contract, especially if the transition from the higher protection regime to the free market takes place at the same time. Block for one, two or three years of the price of the energy component (which represents at least half of the average bill), free kWh, discounts in the case of dual fuel pricing: these and other advantages can make an online offer more attractive for electric energy.

Most of the indirect costs that are passed on to the user can be further reduced by switching to a totally "paperless" management of the supply: with bank domiciliation and electronic bills, you will no longer run the risk of forgetting to pay for electricity, and also all data relating to users will be stored in a special customer area just a click away.

For example, among the offers for the online electricity contract - all designed for the web and comparable with each other with the help of oursrate comparator made in collaboration with SosTariffe - there is Acea Rapida Luce of Acea Energia, which blocks the price of the energy component for 12 months and requires only the tax code and the last bill with the previous supplier for activation. It also holds the price for one year E-light of Enel Energia, which also offers bill discounts thanks to the EnelPremia2 loyalty program, and similar conditions are those provided by Secure Web + Price of A2A Energia, again with a fixed price for 12 months and benefits for the Chiara2a program.

Also to remember Net Price Natura Web Luce of Hera Comm, which applies wholesale market prices and gives a € 30 discount on the bill (€ 60 with the dual fuel offer). Almost all of these rates for online electricity contract they can be chosen in single or multi-hour version.

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