How to activate the bank direct debit

Activate the bank domiciliation to pay bills is simple and allows you to save a lot of time, avoiding hours of queuing at the counter at banks and post offices.

That's why the bank domiciliation is an increasingly popular tool for users to avoid stress and simply pay through their current account. Below all the steps onhow to activate the bank direct debit at the various electricity and gas suppliers.

There bank domiciliation it is also encouraged by operators in the energy and gas sector because it guarantees timely payments, which is why it is almost always very simple to complete the activation for electricity, for gas or for both utilities. The debit on the current account is convenient, convenient (at most banking institutions and the post office the bank domiciliation operation is free) and safe, because in many cases (for example Green Safe Price or Secure Web + Price of A2A Energia) the bills arrive in advance of the charge and it is therefore possible to verify the amount and request suspension or refund of the payment, in case of discrepancies found.

For activate the bank direct debit it is necessary to fill in a permanent debit authorization form in c / c - SEPA, usually attached directly to the last paper bill received (this is the case, for example, of Acea Unica of Acea Energia) or downloadable from the specific sections on the websites of the various suppliers.

Normally the bank domiciliation it can be activated at any time, even after signing an offer. The operation can be carried out at the operator (by e-mail, by fax, at physical branches, by calling a toll-free number) or at the bank branch or post office where the customer's current account is open. In this case, you must always make sure that the SDD code shown in the form is entered correctly.

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