Class B electric and methane

With the update expected at the end of November 2014, theMercedes B-Classit widens to accommodate a traction modelelectric and a powered modelmethane.

ThereClass B Electric Driveis based on the modular body concept: the lithium-ion battery is hidden under the floor, the sameEnergy Space conceptit was also employed on theClass BNatural Gas Drive which carries one large tank and two smaller ones for themethaneand a 14-liter petrol tank.

InElectric Class B, as well as in theClass B methane, the battery pack does not have any impact on the overall dimensions, so much so that the load capacity of the luggage compartment retains its dimensions. The only limits of these two cars reside in the equipment: theElectric Class Band theNatural Gas Drivethey do not even have optional LED headlights (LED High Performance).

They differ from the design of the diesel and petrol models in several details, especially in the shape of the front and rear aprons and in the sills. For the rest, aesthetically both models count on the same arched lines and the refined sportiness that distinguishes theClass B.

Climbing aboard the Class B Electric Drive immediately noticeable is the large display of the head unit suspended on the dashboard, available, on request, with a maximum diagonal of 20.3 cm, or in the refined graphics of the instrument dials with a chronograph-style look, with a black dial, four illuminated red hands and a modified typography. The only drawback is that the new 8 "screen of the Command Online multimedia system is taken apart and costs € 3,599 more on the petrol model, we will have to wait for the update of theClass B price listto understand thecosteffective of the entrance model and the various equipment onElectric Class B. For thepriceof theelectric class Bwe may have to wait until early 2015.

Methane Class B, Price
The pricefor theClass B Natural Gas Drivestarts at 30,010 euros, at a cost of about 1200 euros you can access the version Sportwith comfort suspension, 17 "multi-spoke alloy wheels (standard, 16" wheels), audio 20 with USB and Bluetooth ports, seats in arctic leather and fabric, electrically folding mirrors and more.

Electric Class B, features
There Class B Electric Drive, brings an engine capable of delivering a power equivalent to 180 hp. The engine is powered by 28 kWh lithium-ion batteries, hidden under the floor. There data sheetof theElectric Class Bshould report a series of specifications such as: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h covered in 7.9 seconds, a maximum speed of 160 km / h and a 'autonomyoverall of 200 km.

As far as charging times are concerned, the battery of the class Electric B they should fill up in three hours using a special "wallbox", while from the more traditional domestic socket, charging is completed only after a whole night of refueling.

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