How to join the Forestry Corps

How to join the State Forestry Corps as an agent or as a technician, the procedure, requirements and methods of access and information to pass the public competitions.

If the motto "Pro natura opus et vigilantia"Which literally means"Work and vigilance in favor of natureā€¯Embodies your lifestyle, understand how to join the State Forestry Corps it might come in handy. You can enter the Forestry Corps as an agent, inspector, commissioner or staff carrying out technical, scientific or administrative activities.

First of all, for enter the State Forestry Corpsyou don't have to beconscientious objectors, excluded from the electorateorremoved from employment in a public administration, in fact these categories of people cannot access thecompetition to become a forest agent.

Uniformed and technical staff
The staff of theState Forestry Corpsis divided into two categories:uniformed staffwhich includes agents, superintendents, inspectors, judicial police and public security officials. The uniformed staff is joined by the so-calledtechnical staffwhich includes operators, auditors and experts. Each professional figure of the State Forestry Corps performs specific duties, many of which have been analyzed in the article "Forest agent, what does he do ".

Enter the forestry corps, competitions

TheForestry Corpsperiodically banishespublic competitions.To be updated on thecompetition noticesto enter the Forestry Corps, we recommend that you keep an eye on the official page of the Forestry Corps dedicated to Calls for competition. Keep in mind that somecompetitionsthey are reserved exclusively for internal staff so you cannot access the competition notices to become chief superintendent, superintendent or deputy superintendent. THEcivilianscanenter the Forestry Corpsthrough competition for:
- Forestry Agent
- Deputy Inspector
- Forestry Commissioner
- Technical / scientific staff

For become a forest rangeryou must be between 18 and 30 years of age. The entrance into theState Forestry Corpsasagenttakes place through a public competitionReservedto volunteers on a fixed annual basis who are carrying out or have already served in the Armed Forces. Whoever succeeds in passing the competition will be nominatedstudent agentand admitted to the training course at the same School of the Corps (the course lasts one year and will end with final exams), only after the end of the course will he be appointed full agent.

To become an official of theForest Rangers,similarly, it will be necessary to pass the public competition. The winners of the competition have access to a training course at the Higher Institute of Police, the course lasts for 2 years and includes an operational internship. THEforestry commissionerswho pass the final exam will be confirmed in the executive role of the Corps officials with the qualification ofChief Forestry Commissioner. In this case, the maximum age limit to enter the competition is 32 years and the requirements include a specialist degree with a legal-economic or technical-scientific content.

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