Which ADSL to choose

To understand which ADSL to choose it can be a difficult task, in a landscape very rich in different offers and often quite complicated combinations for those who are not experts.

There are many variables, needs and possibilities, often hidden, of saving; for this reason, choosing blindly, thinking that the offers of the various operators are actually a little alike, would be definitely wrong. In this short guide we will try to simplify as much as possible while offering you an overview of the current cheapest offers.

First of all, which ADSL to choose it depends above all on one's consumer profile. Those who want an offer that also includes telephone calls but do not want to give up high speed for their connections can opt for Fastweb packages such as Super Jet (with calls without connection fee) or Jet (with connection fee), or again Super ADSL Family by Vodafone o All Inclusive Unlimited by Infostrada. For those who are not interested in making phone calls, however, perhaps because they make their calls on Skype or with their mobile phone, a simple ADSL is perfect, perhaps with low latency, such as Joy by Fastweb.

But when you decide which ADSL to choose it is important to know how to answer a question: simple ADSL or fiber? If we need the Internet to navigate with the browser, use social networks, listen to streaming music and activities of this type, an 8 Mbit / s ADSL (or 7 Mbit / s as in the case of TIM's Internet Without Limits) that sufficient; optical fiber (also the 500 Mbit / s on Milan, Turin and Bologna of the Vodafone offer Super Fiber Family, or the 300 Mbit / s of Super FIbra) is mainly used for high definition streaming television, telepresence, a use of cloud computing that requires large upload bandwidth and so on.

Finally, the presence of converging offers should not be underestimated, which unite the operator for mobile telephony with the ADSL one, thus allowing to exploit the synergies of the various infrastructures: this is the case, for example, of Tim Smart Mobile Telecom, but also Infostrada offers which, with the option Internet Everywhere, also give the right to use the Mobile Internet with a Wind SIM. This way you can access a special price for both offers and a single account, having only one contact person for all your requests or problems.

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