Volkswagen electric e-up! Autonomy, price and photos

There Volkswagen Up! it becomes electric with the vw e-up!. The costof thee-upit is just 10,000 euros less than the electric Volkswagen e-Golf, we are talking about a price that starts at 27,000 euros turnkey.

The rangee-mobilityby Volkswagen, namely the collection ofelectric carsof the German brand, for now it has only two models: the e-Golf and the e-up!

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Volkswagen e-up! Cost

The price of the Volkswagen electric care-Up!starts at 27,000 euros (including VAT and putting on the road). Thecostgoes up by 860 euros by adding the panoramic roof that opens electrically but grows even more if you intend to stipulate a plan ofordinary maintenancewithwarranty extension.

Those who purchase a warranty extension can combine us with the price of 480 euros, an ordinary maintenance plan active for 5 years (or up to 150,000 km).

Volkswagen e-up! Autonomy

Therevolkswagen e-up electric car! it has a declared autonomy of 160 km even if theroad testsfound aeffective autonomyequal to 142 km for those who move around the city and only 120 km for those on state roads. As always happens withelectric cars, also with the Volkswagen e-Up!L'autonomyis inversely proportional to speed: the more you press the accelerator pedal, the moreautonomydecreases but ... do not worry!


There is the on-board computer to provide information to the motorist, not only about theautonomyresidual but also how far you can go with that charging state: the on-board navigator displays the geographical area that can be covered based onautonomy also remained among theTHENare indicatedelectric columnscloser, even if in Italy they are very few.

Volkswagen e-up! Opinions

The space on board is the same as that on the othersVolkswagen up!, therefore the car looks like an agile city car, ready, relaxed in traffic and moreover, capable of accessing the ZTL. Among hisdefectswe certainly do not include thecomfort,rather betweendefectsof the smallVolkswagen electric up!we include the autonomy but above all the charging times: forrecharge the Volkswagen e-Up!in a simple domestic socket it is necessary to invest an entire night. The times for a full recharge are approximately 6-8 hours.


Amongdisadvantageswe cannot help but include theprice, 27,000 euros is a lot for a small city car, especially considering that acostmuch lower is more to have the same electric Renault ZOE.

Video: TractionVW e-UP 2019 Test (January 2022).