How to replace manual chronothermostat with a digital one

How to replace manual chronothermostat with a digital one

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How to replace the manual chronothermostat with a digital chronothermostat: instructions for providing one DIY replacement of the chronothermostat.

The advantages of achronothermostatare now known, if these advantages are combined with good planning, you will get a sure economic saving on your bill. Program a manual chronothermostat it can be quite cumbersome, so we are discouraged from making program changes.

Conversely, adigital chronothermostatit is much more intuitive to use; the latest models of digital thermostatsthey are able to interface with the smartphone so as to allow remote management of the domestic temperature. In other words, if we have gone out and decide to go home earlier, we can instantly activate the heating system at the desired temperature, regardless of the program set onchronothermostat.

If you have already purchased a chronothermostat, you can take aGSM telephone activator, in which a simple SIM will be inserted (tim, vodafone, wind ...), in this case the chronothermostat, as well as the entire electricity network, can be managed via SMS. The price of telephone activators varies according to their complexity.

How to replace a manual chronothermostat with a digital chronothermostat

Therereplacement of a manual chronothermostatwith onedigitalit is extremely simple. Just disassemble the old type, check how many wires are connected and restore the connection. The only doubt could arise with the chronothermostats powered by the electricity network: in this case, in addition to the connection wires with the boiler, there will be the power supply wire that must be insulated as thedigital chronothermostatit is powered by batteries.

In addition to providing for thereplacement of the chronothermostat,it will be necessaryreplacealso the "receiver", that is the device that communicating with thechronothermostatmodulates boiler operation. The “receiver” is installed next to the boiler.

All additional instructions onhow to replace a manual chronothermostat with a digital chronothermostatcan be found in the articleHow to mount a chronothermostat.

If you have doubts about how to connect the chronothermostat to the boiler, it will be useful to read the articleHow to install a chronothermostat.

Digital chronothermostat

There are many models on the marketdigital chronothermostats,those of the latest generation providetouch sensitive display. THEtouchscreen chronothermostatsthey can be built-in or wall-mounted, usually iwall-mounted chronothermostatsthey tend to have a more subtle and stylized design, able to integrate seamlessly into any type of furniture.

These include the Vimar digital touchscreen chronothermostat that controls the temperature (heating and air conditioning) with RGB LED backlit display. It is atouch screen chronothermostatwith three modules, to be completed with wall plates (such as Eikon Evo, Eikon, Arké or Plana or other compatible plates chosen by the user).

Thetouch screen digital chronothermostatin question provides an input for the external temperature sensor, a programmable multifunctional input and an RJ9 input for the energy meter. Aesthetically, thetouchscreen chronothermostatVimar presents itself with a modern and functional design. The intuitive interface allows you toprogramtemperatures with ease. Thepricefrom the price list ofVimar chronothermostatamounts to 175 euros but on Amazon it is offered at the promotional price of 163 euros.

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