KRC Motors electric scooters, prices and info

KRC Motors electric scooters, prices and info

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The range ofKRC Motors electric scootersconsists of three specimens bearing the name ofEasy, Faster and Fox. Each model was created to meet specific needs: loelectric scooterEasy approaches the concept ofmaxiscooter, theFast it is part of the sports line belly loKRC electric scooterFox is proposed for purely city employment. Let's see what thepricesand the characteristics of theKRC electric scooters.

KRC Easy electric scooter, features
ModelEasyis the top of the KRC Motors range. It presents itself to the public as oneelectric scootervery comfortable to drive and according to the manufacturers, it amazes for speed and range. According to the data sheet, the maximum power is 11 kW and the maximum speed is 100 km / h. Thelist priceis € 7,900, so Easy iselectric scootermore expensive than the range. Let's see in detail the technical sheet.


Electric wheel motor, maximum rpm 8,000 rmp
Maximum power of 15 hp, 11 kW at 4,650 rmp
Maximum torque 30 Nm available already from 0 to 2,950 rmp
Maximum speed: 100 km / h
Autonomy declared: 100 km, tested with a constant speed of 45 km / h. The range drops to 70 km if the average speed rises to 100 km / h.
Charging time 4-5 hours
Braking energy recovery system
Lithium batteries (LiPoFE49 50ah and 72Vdc)
Disc brakes both front and rear
Wheels: 130 / 60-13
Weight: 196 kg
Dimensions KRC Easy electric scooter
- Length 215 cm
-Width 72.5 cm
-Height: 140 cm
- Saddle height: 76 cm
- Wheelbase: 153 cm

KRC Easy Electric Scooter - Price: 7,900 euros

At the price list, itEasy electric scooterit is equipped with internal battery charger, reverse gear with safety equipment, steering lock and charge indicator. The standard equipment is the same for the Fox and Faster models.

KRC Faster electric scooter, features
In fact, the model was designed for a more dynamic and sporty publicFasterrelies heavily on agility, as evidenced by its weight and size. All the electrical components (battery, motor, charging system, self-charging system during braking and deceleration) are the same seen for the Easy model, even theautonomydoes not change and the top speed does not change. To change are the shapes, the dimensions and theprice. Thecostof theelectric scooterFaster amounts to 5,900 euros.


KRC Faster electric scooter dimensions
-Weight: 155 kg
- Length 205 cm
-Width: 69 cm
-Height: 117 cm
- Saddle height: 80 cm
- Wheelbase: 139 cm

KRC Fox electric scooter, features
The characteristics of the electrical components do not vary here either, just as they do not change standard equipment, brakes, wheels and range. Also in this case, sizes and purchase costs vary. TheKRC Fox electric scooteris designed for the city center, its dimensions make it suitable for a female audience as well. The weight is 154 kg and the saddle height is only 75 cm. Theelectric scooterFox is 201 cm long, 70 cm wide and has a wheelbase of 141 cm. Thepriceis 6,900 euros.


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