DIY bird feeder for the garden

On this page we will see a new work bydo-it-yourself for build one bird feeder starting with a simple one bottleof plastic. ThisDIY bird feederit is perfect for attracting different types of birds on your own garden.

The materials we need to build oneDIY bird feederto be installed in the home garden are easy to find, in particular we need:

  • a clear plastic bottle with cap
  • a drawstring (even old shoelaces)
  • 2 wooden kitchen spoons
  • bird food (seed mix)
  • work tools such as permanent marker, awl, scissors and funnel

The ideal would be to use a transparent plastic bottle of one liter, but the most common 0.5 L or 1.5 L bottles are also fine

Dry the plastic bottle and, with a permanent marker, first mark two opposite points a short distance from the bottom (about 2 fingers away from the bottom / base of the bottle).

With well-pointed scissors, we pierce and finish the points marked with the marker.

Two centimeters higher, two other points will be scored, again opposite each other but also on two different sides than the points previously scored. Also this time it will be necessary to cut and finish with scissors.

The four cut points must be wide enough to allow the passage of the wooden spoons which, when inserted, must form a cross that goes beyond the bottle.

With an awl, pierce the cap of thebottle-manger. The hole must be made in the center of the cap. In the hole just made, insert the cord and fix it with a knot made in the cavity of the cap: the thickness of the knot must be thicker than the diameter of the hole so as to fix the bottle.

At this point yoursDIY bird feederis almost done! With the help of a funnel, fill the bottle with food forbirds, pour enough seeds to cover the edge inside the bottle, right above the level of the top spoon.

Close the cap and hang theDIY bird feederin your garden; there DIY bird feederit must be tied (with the cord) to a branch strong and safe enough to support its weight.

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