Thermal account, the legislation

Thermal account, the legislation

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Thethermal accountis a state incentive that came into force on January 3, 2013 and created to promote interventions to improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems for winter use. Thethermal accountit is not an incentive paid in the form of a tax deduction but a real reimbursement in two installments paid in two years directly by theGSEEnergy Services Manager.

Can access thethermal accountonly those who need to replace an existing and inefficient heating system. The old heating system (fueled by diesel, fuel oil, coal or biomass) will have to be replaced with a new biomass appliance, i.e.fireplacesorthermo stoveslikepellet stovesorwood fireplaces.

How to access the thermal account
To access the thermal accountjust follow an online procedure and you must have the following documents to be included in the GSE portal ( no later than 60 days from the installation end date:

  • purchase invoice for the pallet stove or fireplace stove
  • declaration of conformity and invoice for the installation of the new appliance
  • receipt for the purchase of pellets with UNI EN 1491 class A1 or A2 certification, or receipt for the purchase of firewood

Whichstovesand implants abiomasscan access thethermal account?
Toaccess the thermal accountit will be necessary to have a device abiomassefficient, able to respond to specific technical-environmental requirements. For this purpose, when purchasing the new onestoveor the newfireplace stove, make sure it complies with the relevant legislation so that you can take advantage of theincentivesmade available with thethermal account.

Thermal account and wood stoves, certification
The wood stoves that can access thethermal accountmust be certified for compliance with UNI EN 13240 (to be verified when purchasing the new wood stove) and have a useful thermal efficiency greater than 85%.

Thermal account and wood-burning fireplaces, certifications
They can access thethermal accountwood-burning fireplaces only as a substitute foropen fireplaces. In this case, the reference certification provides for compliance with UNI EN 13229, to be verified when purchasing the new onefireplace stove. Also in this case, the device will have to boast a useful thermal efficiency greater than 85%.

Thermal account and pellet stovesorpellet fireplaces,certifications
Make sure there is the appliance abiomass(pellets) is certified according to UNI EN 14785. Also in this case, the appliance must have a useful thermal efficiency greater than 85%.

Biomass boilers
They can access thethermal accountalso biomass boilers up to 500 kW with UNI EN ISO / EC 17025 certification which certifies compliance withclass 5of the UNI EN 303-5: 2012 standard. To take advantage of thethermal account,the newbuomass boilerit must have a useful thermal efficiency of not less than 87 + log (PN) where PN is the rated power. For thebiomass boilerswith capacities between 500 kW and 1000 kW, a declaration from the manufacturer will be required that can certify that the appliance can boast a useful thermal efficiency of no less than 89%.

Where to find the certifications just mentioned?
The documents that certify the technical requirements ofstoves, fireplaces and boilers, will be issued directly by the system manufacturer at the time of purchase.

To access the thermal account, it will also be necessary:
- demonstrate the replacement of the old appliance
-perform the annual maintenance of the product and the drains by qualified personnel and keep the invoices.

The law provides that all documentation (certifications, applications, invoices ...) are kept for a period of 7 years.

Thermal account, calculation
The amount paid by theincentiveof thethermal accountit depends on the power of the new appliance, its efficiency (as specified above, the minimum efficiency is 85%), the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere and the climatic zone in which it is installed.

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