How to furnish the fireplace corner

How to furnish the fireplace corner: ideas, tips and accessories forfurnishing of the fireplace corner.

Thechimneyit's a problem! Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful onepiece of architecturebut it can create some problems: if badly maintained it risks smoking the house, dirty, for heating it requires constant maintenance and moreover it is really difficult to understandhow to furnish the fireplace corner.

To understandhow to furnish the fireplace corner, the first thing to do is to identify the right arrangement of the furniture. With thechimneyyou can create an authenticrelaxation cornerwhere everything must be extremely welcoming and comfortable.

The couch
For the arrangement of the accessoriesfurnitureinfireplace cornerthere are no standard rules because it all depends on the layout of the room. Generally speaking, it can be said that if there are two sofas to be arranged, the smaller must be placed at 90 ° with respect to thechimneyand the largest in front of the hearth; this rule skips if the room that houses the fireplace is a rectangle where the long wall is the one that flanks thefireplace corner!

The furniture to use and ... to eat!
Regardless of the size of the room that houses thefireplace corner, to ensure good heat distribution, we recommend optimizing the space by inserting a few high-utility items of furniture;

if it is the classicfireplacefirewood, do you know that the same firewood can become a piece of furniture? On the side or under the fireplace you can arrange a pile of firewood, right under the eyes of your guests! Make sure you arrange the wood symmetrically, if the room is large enough, consider "lining" it withwoodalso a good part of the wall.

Always prepare the classic tools to feed the fire next to the fireplace and don't forget to include a small supply of food. Jars or ornamental boxes with peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts and other dried fruit that are beautiful to look at because they are rustic enough to emphasize the intimate atmosphere created by chimney and at the same time an elegant choice to offer to its guests. Among the furnishing accessories in the corner fireplace, a liquor trolley does not hurt, those with little space can replace the liquor trolley with a small display case or with an ad hoc tray.

If the fireplace is wood-burning, discard the hypothesis of inserting a carpet!

The shelves
Since it is better to optimize the spaces "on the ground", why not take advantage of the walls and the hood itselffireplaceto fix shelves, shelves, trophies and paintings? Remember that hanging an elegant mirror on the wall will make the environment more refined and bright, and mirrors tend to give depth, making the room appear larger.

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