Parquet maintenance

There is no general rule for doing this correctlyparquet maintenance. Each operation, starting from ordinary cleaning up to polishing and removing scratches from the parquet, must be performed according to the type ofparquetthat we have at home.
Today we will talk about theparquet maintenancegiving you specific advice based on the type of parquet to be cleaned or refurbished.

In the articleHow to choose the parquet we have seen that the market basically offers us a large number of types of parquet which differ in prices and characteristics. We thus have, in decreasing economic order:

  • Parquet solid wood
  • Parquetwith support
  • Parquetlaminate (parquet effect)
  • Fakeparquet(fakepvc parquet)

Thereparquet maintenanceshould be marked by the type but even more by the finish, in fact we haveparquetglossy, matte or raw. In this article we will only give you tips about themaintenance oftrueparquet, that is the one supported or in solid wood.
Thelaminated parquetin reality it is a floor that offers a "wood effect" because it features a decorative film in wood essence. The grain of the wood has been printed on the surface film, which is why, unlike theparquettraditional, it is easier to clean and maintain.

Parquet maintenance

Maintenance of the supported parquet
Let's say right away that if you have asupported parquetand you want to give it new life, among the interventions ofmaintenance extraordinary you can request thesanding.

Maintenance of the painted parquet
Theparquetvarnished is the most common because the varnish allows to reinforce the surface layer of the wood and enhance its grain. If you have aparquetpainted you are in luck, this kind ofparquetit does not require any annual maintenance.

Its extraordinary maintenance to return to theparquetthe appearance it had at the time of purchase consists of repainting.
You can contact a parquettist or try your hand at a do-it-yourself repaint of the parquet by choosing special paints, we do not recommend doing it yourself because it is quite difficult!

Maintenance of oiled parquet
If theparquetvarnished is very shiny, theparquetoiled turns out much moreopaque. A layer of oil is passed on the rough surface of the parquet which nourishes the wood giving it a particular very natural matt effect.
Those who have a matte parquet can take care of all kinds ofmaintenanceacting in the first person.
The opaque parquet can be easily renewed with specific oils for parquet, indeed, over the years the oiled parquet improves because more layers of oils overlap making the floor brighter and more resistant.

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