Wood cutting: seasons and moon phases

The wood cutting affects the characteristics of the material. This was once known and more careful. Today, however, we tend to forget the importance of the seasons and moon phases on the wood cutting, to the detriment of the quality of the timber.

The best wood is that obtained from trees felled in winter, when the vital activities of the plants are naturally slowed down. In winter the porosity of the wood is reduced and the trunks are poorer in sap.

In modern forestry the habit of wood cutting winter, which is also much more comfortable as there is no obstruction of the leaves, but other 'industrial' needs sometimes risk making it forgotten for the benefit of a 'multi-season' cut which has a negative impact on the quality of the final wood product.

After the cutting operation, it is important that the wood is washed away from the residual sap and dried to be deprived of protein substances and rendered unappetizing by parasites. Subsequently, if a protective treatment is necessary, the wood must be impregnated with anti-parasitic essences produced by the plant itself, obtained from the bark or from the leaves.

In addition to the season, in wood cutting the influence of moon phases on plant life should be taken into account. The moon in fact determines precise influences on the lymphatic movement: depending on the correspondence with certain lunar phases, the cut wood can be more suitable as construction timber (as it is free from tensions within the fibers and more difficult to attack by fire) or as firewood.

The right deadlines for the wood cutting according to the various uses they are indicated by the biodynamic calendar, the same one used in biodynamic agriculture. The best sawmills operate on wood cutting according to the biodynamic calendar and this allows them to put a higher quality raw material on the market. A careful consumer should inform himself not only of the origin of the wood he is buying, but also of the processing processes to which it has been subjected.

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