How to make a natural herbicide

How to make a natural herbicideHere are 5 different techniques of proven effectiveness to create an ecological and low-cost herbicide at home.

Using a herbicide created with natural components it is possible to obtain an efficacy similar to that of chemical herbicides but with the advantage of not killing insects and in particular pollinating insects such as bees, very precious allies in organic farming.

How to make a natural herbicide: 5 methods

1) One of the methods most used by farmers is to create a solution consisting of 1 liter of white vinegar and 120 ml. of lemon juice concentrated to spray directly on the weeds.

2) Another method has been used since ancient times and consists in using the salt, spreading it directly on the weeds, before and after watering them with boiling water.

The salt can also be sprayed more specifically with a sprayer creating a solution consisting of 500ml of water and 120ml of salt.

3) The boiling water of the eggs is another natural herbicide that can be produced simply and at no cost: after draining the eggs, just pour the still boiling water over the weeds to be eradicated.

4) Gin (you can find low quality one liter bottles at an affordable price) mixed with the juice of 2 lemons is another powerful natural herbicide that you can easily create and spray on weeds.

5) The gas burners they are another option for removing weeds in an immediate, natural and selective way.

Among the burners with a good quality / price ratio you can order on Amazon the Garden Torch heat burner for around 40 Euros.

The Garden Torch heat burner to be used as a natural herbicide

The burner can also be very useful on other occasions, such as to light the fireplace or the barbecue.

Also on Amazon you can find numerous herbicides ready for use, many of which "boast of being natural products" but I do not honestly know how much this statement corresponds to reality !.

Natural herbicide for the weeds

You have surely heard of the weeds, one of the most difficult weeds to eradicate.

Unfortunately, eliminating this type of plant is very complex and often it is necessary to carry out real manual actions in addition to using herbicides to uproot the roots.

I would like to inform you that it is not recommended to use a natural grass herbicide to eliminate weeds because it is a product used mostly for the elimination of broad-leaved weeds.

To eliminate the weed it is unfortunately necessary to use a herbicide with chemical components; Greenex, excellent for selective weeding of narrow-leaved plants.

Natural herbicide for brambles

Brambles are another weed that limit the growth of the plants you are interested in. In order to eliminate them, there are several methods including the use of natural herbicides.

The advice I give you is to use a liter of hot water, 250 ml of white vinegar and 100 grams of salt, mixing everything until the latter mixture is dissolved.

Once you have the mixture you will have to spray it at the base and on the lower areas of the brambles.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a more immediate effect that completely dries the brambles I suggest you add dish soap, alcohol and soap to the previous mixture, you will see that in a couple of weeks the brambles will be KO ;-)

Natural herbicide for trees

Have you ever had to deal with a tree that over time reaches such dimensions as to create inconvenience to your homes?

In order to eliminate a tree, it is not possible to use natural herbicides but you will have to provide for selective pruning or felling.

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