Hydrogen car: 'Toyota Mirai'

Toyota Mirai it's the first one hydrogen car mass-produced to arrive on the market. First the debut in Japan in the Toyota and Toyotec dealer network, where the launch is scheduled for 15 December 2014, and then the landing in Europe (Denmark, Germany and Great Britain) from September 2015.

So much thundered that it rained. We have been talking about hydrogen as an automotive fuel for years without having seen much. Experimental projects, some managed in secret and others not (such as the Toyota FCHV-adv, the forerunner of the Mirai without mass production) and nothing more. Toyota Mirai's merit will be to be the first hydrogen car mass-produced in a traditional factory (only technologically advanced). We will see the rest on the road.

The system adopted by Toyota engineers for the Mirai it's called the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS) and relies on fuel cells (on board) to turn hydrogen into electricity. The advantage of hydrogen is that clean, indeed very clean, it is easy to produce because it is found practically everywhere (the source of hydrogen to which we look more carefully is sewage debris and water in general) and once compressed it has a density higher battery energy.


The weak point of hydrogen, as they have told us, is that it is difficult to 'manage' and transport because it is flammable and at risk of explosion. All true, but they are still secondary and solvable issues with respect to the energy potential of a source, and that Toyota seems to have coped perfectly well with its first hydrogen car. Fuel cells and high pressure hydrogen tanks are manufactured in-house.

Toyota Mirai has been described, and we will verify it, as one hydrogen car super-ecological - there is no CO2 production - but also with excellent performance. The cell pack is able to ensure a power of 114 kW, equal to 155 horsepower. Also because the production of electricity is made super efficient by the adoption of fine mesh 3D flow channels (a brand new technology) that guarantee homogeneous electricity production on the cell surface. Comfort and driveability are also announced at the top. Another thing to check.


Video: 2017 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Test Drive Video Review (October 2021).