How to access the thermal account

How to access the thermal account

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How to access the thermal account: all the instructions for accessing the incentives provided by GSE through thethermal account.

We talked a lot about heating systems inbiomass, stoves or fireplaces fueled by wood and pellets; the purchase of biomass heating systems can be encouraged through thethermal account.

Who can access the thermal account?

The object of thethermal account incentiveand thereplacement, then they can access thethermal accountall those who replace less efficient winter air conditioning systems. The plant to be replaced must be powered by biomass, coal, fuel oil or diesel. L'incentive of the thermal account it is not supplied in case of replacement of LPG or methane boilers.

Which stoves can benefit from the thermal account?

Thethermal accountit is provided to cover all or part of the cost of a new heating system, in particular the heat generators must consist of:

  • Biomass boilers with rated heat output up to 1000 kW
  • Pellet stoves
  • wood stoves
  • pellet fireplaces

The condition foraccess the thermal accountis that the new system will have to completely replace (or partially, when the system is equipped with multiple heat generators) the winter heating system.

Thermal account, the legislation
THEwood-burning fireplacesthey can be purchased only and exclusively as a replacement for open fireplaces. THEwood-burning fireplacesto access thethermal accountthey must have UNI EN 13229 certification of conformity and a yield greater than 85%. The same performance is essential for thewood stovesand thestovesand ipellet fireplaces. In detail, in order to access thethermal accountyou have to buy devices with precise certifications.

Wood stoves compatible with the thermal account:
Certification for compliance with UNI EN 13240

Pellet stoves and pellet thermo-fireplaces compatible with the thermal account:
Certification for compliance with the UNI EN 14785 standard

When buying the new onestoveor the newfireplace stove, make sure it complies with the relevant legislation so that you can take advantage of theincentivesmade available with thethermal account. Certification is essential in order toaccess the thermal account.

Where to find the certifications just mentioned?
The documents that certify the technical requirements ofstoves, fireplaces and boilers, will be issued directly by the system manufacturer at the time of purchase.

How to access the thermal account

For access the thermal accountjust follow an online procedure on the same GSE portal ( To dorequest to the thermal account it will be necessary to obtain the following documentation to be included in the GSE portal no later than 60 days from the date of installation end of the new biomass heating:

  • purchase invoice for the pallet stove, wood stove or fireplace stove (powered by pallets or wood)
  • declaration of conformity and invoice for the installation of the new appliance
  • receipt for the purchase of pellets with UNI EN 1491 class A1 or A2 certification, or receipt for the purchase of firewood.
  • It will also be necessary:
    - demonstrate the replacement of the old appliance
    -perform the annual maintenance of the product and the drains by qualified personnel and keep the invoices.

How is the incentive paid by the thermal account calculated?
The incentive provided for by the thermal account is paid in the form of two reimbursements which in some cases may even fully cover the costs incurred for the purchase of the new plantbiomass heating. To calculate the contribution paid with the thermal account, please refer to the article dedicated toCalculation of the incentive paid by the thermal account.

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