Green future: a vocabulary to talk about it

Green future: a vocabulary to talk about it

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Green future. A vision? No, a possible reality and not just in words, even if words can help to make it happen.

In "Words for the future" (Environment Editions) 20 particularly significant are identified. For a green future, not in 100 years, but in 2015, already. In fact, these are terms that refer to powerful and achievable revolutions, which today might seem distant, if it weren't for "just wanting". And who doesn't want a green future?

There are weak but unequivocal signs, and the book serves to understand them and above all to grasp them and not be caught unprepared. It starts in alphabetical order, led by Federico Pedrocchi, with Common good, Big data and cloud, Biomimics and ending with Smart city, Smart grid, Sobriety and 3d printers. These are words that we often hear but in contexts that are sometimes inappropriate, to ensure a green future and to make a contribution in this regard, it is necessary to enter into the merits.

There are very transversal issues, such as Governance, which an expert like the author can help us to contextualise better, to feel more real and more relevant to everyday reality.
Word for words, with "Words for the future", we want to stimulate reflection and the desire to reflect on key concepts for our future, green future or dark future that awaits us. But the fact is that it does not wait for us, it is we who can create it, provided that we enter into the merits of the guiding themes, knowing their lexicon and the main axes.

The tone is informative, citizens are not asked to study but to let themselves be intrigued by certain terms and to delve into others, not deluding themselves into knowing their true meaning even if they are on everyone's lips. Federico Pedrocchi, science journalist, host of the weekly program Moebius, is an excellent guide in the forest of words and concepts in which you find yourself every time you try to understand something. Among the many dissemination activities, and more, he teaches New media at the Master in Scientific Communication and Innovation ofMilano Bicocca University and has carried out consultancy activities for the European Commission on training practices to improve the relationship between media and scientific research. He is a trained and competent communicator who does not pretend to be understood but makes himself understood and in 20 words makes it clear that a green future it's possible.

“Words for the future. Small vocabulary for the next decade ”can be purchased online at the price of 11.90 euros in paper version or at the price of 4.99 euros in the Kindle ebook version.

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