Solar tracker: yield increases up to 40%

Asolar trackeris a device capable of orienting ipanelsfavorably to the sun's rays. It is an automatic mechanical device that follows "route strategies" to maximize the exposure of the photovoltaic cells to sunlight.

The solar panels that use this technology are called "thesolar tracking systems". Historically, the former tracking solar panels were launched into orbit to power the electrical part of the artificial satellites. In life on earth, this technology is well established so that many products marketed to make use of it tracking devices. Among the various products for sale, we point out the Beghelli photovoltaic system marketed under the name ofGolden Tree.

Solar tracker, operation

Thanks to hisoperation, asolar trackermaximizes the efficiency of the device with simple automated mechanical movements. The metal structure of themechanical trackerit houses on board a series of photovoltaic modules arranged geometrically to form a single larger panel. L'solar trackerit is useful not only in photovoltaic parks, even when it comes to solar concentration plants it is very useful: thanks tosolar trackersit is possible to keep constant the point of fire generated by the paraboloid on the channeling element of the liquid to be heated.

Asolar trackerincreasing the efficiency of the panels increases the economic yield; the bestsolar trackersthey are those who manage to align the solar panels perpendicularly to the sun's rays so as to increase the electricity produced. With the same surface, a solar panel with tracker it can also produce up to 40% more energy than a photovoltaic system without this technology.

Solar tracker, degrees of freedom

Fordegrees of freedommeans the "mapping" that thesolar trackerwill have to follow. So we havesolar trackersmono or biaxial. In particular, asolar tracker can be adX axis, Y axis, Z axis, polar axis or two degrees of freedom;in this last case, thesolar trackermanages to perfectly align, and in real time, the orthogonal of thephotovoltaic panelsto the sun's rays. Thetwo degrees of freedom solar trackers, for now, they are the most sophisticated ones. One way to accomplish this involves mounting asolar trackeraboard another. It is with this type ofsolar trackerthat it is possible to obtain excellent yields: the increase in electricity production can reach even 35 - 40% more in the face - however - of greater construction costs.

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