Bioethanol fireplace, prices and how to choose

Bio burnersisbioethanol fireplacesmanage to reproduce the atmosphere of a traditional fireplace as they carry thevisible flame.Unlike classic fireplaces, ibio-fireplacesthey have no structural limits: they do not require flues, nor do they require special works or skills for installation.

It is true that they are more practical, but it must be specified that a bioethanol fireplace it is in no way comparable to a traditional fireplace otherwise for the atmosphere it recreates. THE bioethanol fireplaces they are placed on the market more as a furnishing accessory than as a real heating system.

We recommend the purchase of abio burneror abioethanol fireplacejust to heat small areas of the room or to recreate a romantic setting in the bedroom or intimate in the living room.

Bioethanol burner or fireplace, advantages

Abioethanol burner or fireplaceit is proposed as a quick solution for heating very small spaces, they do not need a flue or cleaning because they do not generate ashes or soot. Wanting to summarize the advantages, here's when abioethanol fireplace:

  • Aesthetic impact
    - visible flame
    - recreates an intimate atmosphere
  • Price
    - they exist in every price range
  • Heat small areas
    - the perimeter area of ​​a table
    - corners located where the heat sprayed by the radiator does not reach
  • It does not need building works or permits
  • It does not require a flue
  • It requires little maintenance
  • Bioethanol is easy to find
  • Easy installation

With regard to this last point, the installation of a bioethanol fireplace is very versatile. In fact, the following are available on the market:

  • built-in bioethanol fireplaces
  • wall mounted bioethanol fireplaces
  • countertop bioethanol fireplaces

The most difficult to install are built-in bioethanol fireplaces, the only ones that require masonry works. Before purchasing, evaluate the thickness of the collection. Observe both walls, assess where the electrical wires pass and where there are power outlets. Obviously, any casket doors must also be evaluated.

What is bioethanol

It is aboutdenatured ethyl alcoholproduced by the fermentation of biomass as vegetable waste. To producebioethanolvegetable products such as cereals, beets, sugar cane and potatoes are used.

Bio burner and bioethanol fireplace, prices

The purchase prices are very low, starting from around 100 euros and then reaching 600-1,000 euros for high-aesthetic value design-models. The most expensive models are usually wall-mounted ones with decorative frames made of glass or other high-impact cladding material. Very expensive are also thebio burnerswhich are proposed as a piece of furniture to separate two domestic environments.

Being mainly elements of furniture, ipricesthey are more related to aesthetics than to the heating capacity (nominal power) of the appliance, so the cost depends almost exclusively on your taste!

How to choose the bioethanol fireplace

When choosing, it is not only the price that must be observed! Read the label to learn how muchbioethanolmanages to burn thebio-fireplacein an hour, also keep an eye on the capacity of the tank so as to immediately understand (based on your use) how often it will be necessary "Refuel“, So as to plan management expenses as well. The expense for thebioethanolrepresents the only operating cost of thebio-fireplaceas these devices do not require maintenance.

The main parameter to observe when choosing abioethanol fireplacelies in the nominal power on the basis of which it will be possible to understand the heating capacity of the appliance. Abioethanol fireplacewith a nominal power of 3.5 kW it can easily heat rooms up to 30 m2.

In commerce they are foundbioethanol fireplacesisbio burnerscountertop, wall or recessed. Thebioethanol fireplacecountertop is not suitable for direct contact with flooring in parquet, especially if in noble solid wood, as the heat tends to deform the wood. THE bioethanol fireplaces they should be placed comfortably on the floor or, to enhance their aesthetics, they can be displayed on tables or on a specially prepared island.

Wall models can be square, rectangular or in some cases made with curves. They hang as if they were paintings and tend to protrude slightly from the wall. There is no shortage of built-in models on the market, more cumbersome to install.

For an overview of the latest models ofbio-fireplaces, with the respective prices, I invite you to visit the dedicated Amazon page. In "This Page you will find images, prices and all the news available.

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