How to get rid of chicken mites

Thechicken mites, commonly called "pollen mites“, Are parasites that infest thechicken coopand can cause serious damage to poultry farming. Thepollen mites, better definedred chicken mitesthey quickly become resistant to pesticides (both natural and industrial synthesis), so it is really difficult to eliminate them.

Another difficulty in eliminating the chicken mites resides in their tiny size: being very small they can creep deep into the walls of the chicken coop or into the ceiling, so it's also difficult to reach them.

Thechicken mitesthey find refuge in the equipment, in the perches and in the cracks in the wooden walls. If you notice any deteriorated or chipped element in the chicken coop (especially if made of wood), try to replace it promptly so as to prevent the appearance ofchicken mite or mitigate the infestation already in progress.

How to get rid of chicken mites

Foreliminate chicken mitesit is necessary to proceed todisinfestationsrepeated and frequent. If, in the norm, it is enough to disinfect the chicken coop once a year (when new specimens arrive), in the event of infestations the frequency must be increased until reaching at least one disinfestation per week in the summer. Chicken mites see their greatest development with the summer heat.

Disinfestation must be performed just as indicated in the article "Clean the chicken coop, disinfestation instructions”And in addition they will have to be employedacaricidesenvironmentalfor zootechnical use, preferably natural.

Amongnatural acaricidesthe most effective are those based on pyrethrum or geranium extracts. Those who prefer synthetic products, on the market there are acaricides mostly based on microencapsulated permethrin or phosphoric esters. On the market there are synthetic acaricides based on natural extracts, this is the case of spinosad, containing natural substances extracted from a particular microscopic fungus, of good efficacy and non-toxic to the environment or harmful to other insects.

If the infestation fromchicken miteis minor, remedies such as white lime treatments on the walls may suffice, while in the absence of many inlets, the use of a flame appliance such as a normal blowtorch could be effective. Burners can help contain or even completely eradicate infestations fromred chicken mite.

We remind our readers thatchicken mitesthey carry out their activities during the night; during the day they remain hidden in the tiny crevices of the chicken coops while at night they move on the birds. For this reason, it is useless or even harmful to sprinkle chicken feathers with pesticide products. If you really want to act on this front, the only thing you can spray directly on chickens are natural repellent substances. This is the case with citronella-based preparations or neem oil which act as natural anti-mite repellents.

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