Social agriculture, examples of excellence

With the'social agriculture, perfectly integrated social activities take place on farms - in addition to the regular activities related to the cultivation of the land and livestock.

In the article "Social agriculture, useful information", we talked to you about the legislation governing these activities, we explained to you what thesocial agriculture and what activities can be carried out in this area. Today we will give you two Italian examples of social agriculture.

Social agriculture, examples of excellence

The Sguazzarina and Basalganella farms are active in the sector ofsocial agriculture respectively since 1999 and 2009. Cascina Sguzzarina is a 17-hectare farm located in Castel Goffredo (Mantua), with a forage cereal orientation in which fruit trees and a forest are also grown and where animals such as sheep, chickens are raised. , goats, ducks, geese, pigs and donkeys.
The social activities carried out by theCascina Sguzzarinathere are many, first and foremost the company farm hosts the patients followed byLocal psychosocial center who participate in the work in the company thanks to a job grant made available byMental health department of the "Carlo Pomo" hospital in Mantuawhich provides for contributions for the integration of people with difficulties.
In addition to the activities carried out with the Psychosocial Center, the Sguzzarina company hosts people with disabilities with stays of 2-3 nights. Among the others social activities carried out by the company, they also organize themselvesDinners in the darkin partnership with the association of the blindApi & Aci to let the visually impaired experience, for an evening "in the dark", the thrill of not seeing with their eyes but of counting on other sense organs.

Other example of social agricultureall Italian is given byBasalganella farmhousewhich integrates activities with disabled people and children. The educational farmBasalganella farmhouse it is located similarly to the previous one in Mantua, but this time in Ceresara.

Who intends to start business ofsocial agriculturefirst of all it will have to seek collaborations with centers and organizations that deal with people with disabilities in order to carry out projects of ongoing activities aimed at occupational therapy. It is precisely the first move made by Cascina Basalgonella which in 2011 launched a first project in collaboration with the Cooperative Bucaneve of Castel Goffredo.
From 2011 to today, 7 boys accompanied by 2 educators work daily on the farm for the care of animals. The boys take care of cleaning the stables, feeding horses, donkeys, chickens and rabbits. In the remaining time the group of young people collects fruit and vegetables.

Unfortunately, inagriculture, there are no specific hires for people with disabilities or other types of aid, so it is necessary to constantly keep an eye on any calls and proposals from the Chambers of Commerce, Regions and other entities that have these issues at heart.

For further information, the article "Social agriculture, the legislation ".

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