Feng Shui in the bedroom

Feng Shui in the bedroom: all the tips for bringingFeng Shui furniture in the bedroom. From the position of the bed to the use of mirrors.

A furnished bedroomaccording to the principles ofFeng Shuipromotes a harmonious flow of energy that nourishes the mind and adds a touch ofsensuality to the environment. TheFeng Shui in the bedroombrings a blend of positive emotions that at the same time give energy and quiet. Let's start right away with a series of tips that will help you furnish the bedroom according to the principles ofFeng Shui.

  • Tip # 1: disturbing elements
    Let go of the TV, computer, or other distracting elements that could take you away from your calm. The news broadcast by a news program, the too intense emotions transmitted by a film or the continuous exchange of emails and messages from computers and smartphones are in complete dissonance with the principles offeng shui.
  • Tip # 2: healthy air
    Open the windows often, facilitating air changes: the air in the bedroom should always be fresh and full of oxygen. You can't create an atmosphereFeng Shuiif the air ofbedroomit is spoiled or full of pollutants. Only house plants in the bedroom if the room is very large, the plants should be placed away from the bed.
  • Tip # 3: natural materials
    Try to choose furnishing accessories that are as natural as possible. The same furniture, whether made of wood or wrought iron, must not be treated with chemicals that in the long run release polluting agents into the environment and into the air you breathe.
  • Tip # 4: lighting
  • Lighting is essential: install a switch that can allow you to adjust the right amount of brightness. Light is our primary source of "nutrients "for the mind (and partly also for the body!), it is a strong manifestation of energy and must be used wisely. You can introduce in feng shui bedroom scented candles but just like the furniture, here too you will have to make sure of their healthiness.
  • Tip # 5: Feng Shui colors
    In theFeng Shui bedroomsit is important to favor relaxing colors that are able to give the environment a good balance. The colors to use in the bedroom, according toFeng Shui decor, are those that recall a certain type of Nature. The colors to be worn in the bedroom must promote restful sleep as well as sensuality and intimacy. The most suitable colors for furnish the bedroom according to the principles of Feng Shui are the so-called "skin colors‚ÄĚRanging from pale white to brown. You can choose the colors in this wide range according to your personal tastes: ivory, pink, beige, bronze, brown, chocolate ...
  • Tip # 6: images, photos and paintings
    In abedroom furnished with Feng Shuithere is no room for sadness or loneliness. Add photos of happy moments in your life, pictures that trigger a sense of joy in you, or other positive images.
  • Tip # 7: bed position according to feng shui
    How to place the bed according to Feng Shui?The rules are few and simple:
    -the bed must be easily accessible from both sides
    -both sides of the bed must have a bedside table
    - the bed must not be in correspondence with the door
    - the bed must ensure maximum comfort: good mattress, solid pillow, high quality sheets and natural fibers are essential elements to create the harmonious atmosphere typical offeng shui.
  • Tip # 8: closed doors
    All the doors of yoursbedroom, both those of the wardrobe, drawers or entrance, must be closed during the night.

Feng shui - the colors

The feng shuitakes into account icolorsgiving it a great value. In addition to the colors already mentioned and suitable forFeng Shui bedroom furniture, here is a brief overview of the meaning of colors in Feng Shui: Blue is the color of Water, therefore of the North and has a positive effect on the career. The Viola has a strong influence on the bonds of friendship, if a room facing west is decorated in yellow, it will stimulate creativity and this could be a perfect place for children.

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