How to clear the snow

How to clear the snow

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How to clear the snow: all the tips for removing snow from driveways, cars and the roof of the house.

In winter, especially in mountain areas, it is necessary to face the problem of the evacuation of thesnow that is deposited everywhere causing many inconveniences.

How to remove snow from avenues, streets, courtyards and squares

To restore the viability of courtyards, avenues and access roads to homes, it is necessary to use special equipment for clearing snow. If it is a question of small domestic paths and modest amounts of snow, the use of a multipurpose aluminum shovel (on the market there are also with a folding handle to minimize the overall dimensions or with a thermal handle) or plastic material shovels may be sufficient.

The market offers special shovels for the removal of the snow coated with a layer of non-stick material that prevents fresh snow from sticking to the bottom of the blade.

For larger surfaces and remaining with a very limited purchase budget, it is possible to use pushing sleds or shovels with wheels to facilitate clearing. The so-called pushing sleds can be found on the market under the name of "Snow shovels". On Amazon, one Snow shovel it is bought with a budget of 29.99 euros with support wheel or 26.50 for the model Titanium snow pusher smaller and without wheel.

At the time of purchase, it is important to evaluate the size of the shovel, obviously the larger the shovel the less the number of passes required to remove the snow.

Those who have the obligation to remove snow from large avenues or roads will have to rely on motorized machines as onesnowplow. Alternatively, those who already own onetillercan buy a snow blower connected with a quick coupling. Alsorider lawnmower can be equipped forremove the snowfrom streetsand courtyards.

How to remove snow from the roof of the house

Theresnow frozen, falling, can block gutters or damage delicate objects that are near thehouse roof. Forremove snow from the roof of the houseit is necessary to act when it is still soft so as to prevent all the risks associated with the sudden change in temperatures typical of the winter season; fluctuations in temperature can cause snow to collapse suddenly or freeze it.

Be careful whyremove snow from the roofit can be a difficult task for those who are unfamiliar and especially for those who do not have adequate equipment. We do not recommend improvising!

Forremove snow from the roofyou must always be two and be equipped with at least one snow shovel. All information is available in the article:How to remove snow from the roof.

How to remove snow from the car

Rather than removing the snow from the car, you can prevent this problem by purchasing a special thermal blanket designed to cover the car. The sheet does not prevent the accumulation of snow on the windshield or roof but it greatly simplifies its removal: just pull the sheet away to remove up to the last gram of snow.

A Snap-lock windshield protector you buy, in promotion on Amazon, with 13.99 euros (free shipping).

More detailed information is available in the articlehow to remove snow from the car.

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