How to clean artichokes

How to clean the artichokes:instructions, step by step, on how to clean artichokes. Cleaning the artichokes is not a difficult or tiring task, but as with all kitchen tasks, it requires patience.

Therecleaning of artichokesdepending on the preparation, for roasted artichokes you just need to cut off the stalk, remove the few outer leaves and enlarge the innermost ones so as to optimize cooking or to insert the classic filling given by pecorino, parsley and garlic (non-vegetarians add also bacon).

Clean the artichokesit becomes more cumbersome when our aim is to obtainthe heart of the artichoke, the most tender and innermost part. To clean the artichokes so as to obtain "the heart", you will need to take some preliminary precautions:

prepare a bowl with water and lemon juice, just the juice of half a lemon for 2 liters of water. Another precaution is to wear gloves so as not to blacken your hands.

How to clean artichokes

Remove the outer leaves
Start by eliminating the hardest and outermost leaves until you reach the tender heart, characterized by a lighter color of the leaves. I know this is a waste, but many recipes do not include the outer leaves as they are quite stringy. In order not to create this waste, read our guide onHow to use the outer leaves of the artichoke.

Eliminate the tip
At this point, also cut the tip of the artichoke, cutting off only 1/3 of the height. To do this, place the artichoke on a cutting board and use a very sharp smooth blade knife so as not to tear away fragments of the other leaves.

Slice i artichokes
Remove the stem and, depending on the use, you can leave the artichoke hearts intact or sliced. The tender artichoke hearts do not have any internal fluff but if you have not bought them from a trusted dealer, open them (split the artichoke in half) and inspect the inside by removing any fluff using the end of a pointed peeler or a knife with a rounded tip. Finally, remove the still green parts of the stem.

Clean the stem
Many do not know that even the stem of the artichoke it can be cleaned and eaten. Cut the stem and peel it with the classic potato peeler, eliminating the outermost layer. Slice the stem and put it in the water and lemon.

THE artichokes with the sliced ​​and cleaned stems, they must be kept in water and lemon until it is time for cooking.

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