White vinegar for cleaning: what is it?

White vinegar and baking soda are the house cleaning panacea. Used individually or in solution, they can replace common detergents in the care of all domestic environments.

They cleanse, disinfect, eliminate bad odors from limescale, White vinegar and baking soda have everything you could ask for in a household cleaning product. In addition, they are simple, biodegradable substances, milestones of clean chemistry, and also cost little.

Let's talk about White vinegar for example and let's do some clarity right away. Vinegar is a serious matter in gastronomy and we must not confuseWhite vinegar with the wine vinegar (perhaps fine) that is normally put on the table, because they are not exactly the same thing.

ForWhite vinegar for cleaning, that is the cheapest that exists, we simply mean a solution of water and acetic acid. The latter can be produced by the fermentation of any distilled alcoholic beverage (wine, beer, cider, mead ...) but also from malts, rice and fruit. It is not necessarily 'white' and can be found in organic shops but also in some supermarkets.

In short, it does not need to be wine vinegar to have White vinegar with which to degrease and disinfect all you need is a small dose of acetic acid to mix with water. And the fermentation process that leads to acetic acid can start from different substances. Wine and apples are the most common but not the only ones.

Often theWhite vinegar it is obtained from beet or corn alcohol. It is used pure (for descaling) mixed with water (for more delicate cleaning) or mixed with baking soda for a more aggressive action, for example against limestone.

With the'White vinegar we said that you can clean practically the whole house and it's true. The only precaution concerns the marble surfaces (in the kitchen or more often in the bathroom) which can be corroded.

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