How to grow pineapple

How to grow pineapple, the complete guide - step by step - which will explain how to grow pineapple at home starting from the fruit tuft.

L'pineappleit is the fruit of a tropical tree native to Central America; with the pineapple cultivationin our homes it will be difficult to obtain the fruit, in fact this is not the purpose of the company we are about to offer you: the growing pineapple at home starting from the tuft of a fruit it is done to obtain a nice ornamental plant.

How to grow pineapple
To get started, buy apineapplefresh and from organic farming. L'pineapplefresh can be recognized by the bright green leaves, it will be the leaves of the log that generate a new plant, let's see how and what you need:

  • pineapplefresh and organic
  • clay pot
  • gravel or pieces of earthenware
  • ash
  • fine soil
  • water at room temperature
  • well sharpened knife
  • three sticks / sticks slightly higher than the tuft ofpineapple
  • transparent plastic bag
  • string
  1. with a very sharp knife, cut the tuft leaving about an inch of pulp as the base of the crown of leaves.
  2. Dip the fleshy part in untreated wood ash. The ash must be fine and dry (not hot) so as to be able to absorb part of the water and humidity contained in the base of the crown. This procedure is not mandatory but is strongly recommended to avoid rot and accelerate the dehydration process.
  3. Place gravel or shards of earthenware at the bottom of the drain hole of a terracotta pot. The vase must have a diameter of at least one centimeter higher than that presented by the base of the tuftpineapple.
  4. Fill the pot with soil up to about 4 cm from the top edge.
  5. Immerse the base of the pot in water at room temperature to moisten the soil from below.
  6. Place the vase on a sink so that the excess water can drain, when the water has finished draining, rest the tuft of thepineappleon the soil and cover the base with more dry soil.
  7. Now all you have to do is build a small greenhouse around the pot but do not let yourself be impressed, it is easier to do than to say: stick the three sticks in the ground and cover with a transparent plastic bag fastened with string along the edge of the pot . The sticks must be arranged in such a way that the plastic bag does not come into contact with the leaves of the tuft.
  8. Wait for the clump to produce new roots. While waiting, it will not be necessary to irrigate but only to open the bag to allow for good ventilation and to allow the water to evaporate.
  9. After a month, remove the bag: the plant will begin its life independently!

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