How to get rid of blackheads from the face

How to get rid of blackheads from the face: natural remedies and more effective masks to permanently remove blackheads and prevent their appearance. Advice for those who intend to crush blackheads and useful precautions not to inflame the skin.

In addition to pimples, another imperfection of the skin of the face is represented by the odious ones blackheads: the most affected areas are that of the nose, chin and forehead, to be clear the areas of the face included in the famous T-band. eliminate blackheads constant skin care is required which can be done with natural ingredients. In this regard we will illustrate you how to get rid of blackheads from the face with products easily available at home.

How to get rid of blackheads from the face

Theseremedies, not only can theyprevent the appearance of blackheadsbut they tend toclean the poresand then gradually eliminate iblackheadsalready present on the face.

  • Wash your face with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type.
  • Face washing should be done both in the morning and in the evening.
  • If you have oily skin, apply a light toner or oil-free sebum-balancing cream. Always prefer cosmetics suitable for oily skin, even when it comes to anti-wrinkle or foundation!
  • If you have dehydrated skin, drink more water and use a moisturizer.
  • Once a week, after a hot shower, take a natural face scrub and apply a purifying mask. Alternatively, a quick swipe of a gentle exfoliant will also do just fine.

These precautions allow you toprevent the appearance of blackheadsand keep the skin clean. Foreliminate blackheads, try to cleanse your face by focusing on the T-zone. At first you may see inflammation, especially if you rub a lot or if you use sponges ... do not worry, it is an event that can happen: continue your daily cleansing and, to long term, you will get tangible results.

The face should be washed carefully just like you do other areas of your body. For example, at the time of shampooing I am sure that you focus on cleansing the scalp ... So why shouldn't you pay more attention to the area adjacent to the nostrils, around the nose and chin ?! Blackheads are accumulations of impurities, with properface cleaning, performed consistently, will gradually disappear. For eliminate blackheads we can also exploit gods natural remedies. Let's see which ones.

How to get rid of blackheads from the face with natural remedies

Let's start with lemon-based remedies, lemon juice is popular for its tonic and astringent properties. It is a method to also fight pimples and to fade red spots on the face, lemon juice has a mild disinfectant power and above all it will help us to close the pores. Before performing this treatment, it is recommended to perform a facial skin peeling. Here is what you need:

  • lemon juice
  • sweet almond oil
  • vegetable glycerin


  1. Pour the ingredients listed above in equal parts into a small bowl and mix until it becomes a baby food.
  2. At this point, spread the mixture evenly on a clean and clean face.
  3. Leave on until the product has dried, then rinse with warm water and apply your usual face cream.

Glycolic acid can be useful to eliminate facial impurities. This product is especially recommended if you have aged, blotchy or sun-damaged skin. Useful for skin that needs cell turnover. You can find more information on this substance in the articleWhite spots on the face.

How to remove blackheads from the face with an egg-based mask

Among the grandmother's remedies is egg white. How to get rid of blackheads from the face with this natural mask?

  1. Beat the egg white until you have a frothy mixture then spread the product on your face with the help of a brush.
  2. Apply strips of gauze to the areas affected by blackheads and leave on until the gauze has hardened.
  3. Wash your face with warm water.

For a bicarbonate-based mask we refer you: blackheads and bicarbonate.

How to eliminate blackheads on the face with the absorbent charcoal mask

Always exploiting the absorbent properties of natural charcoal, a large number of products have spread on the market, including exfoliating masks for deep cleansing of the face.

Also in this case, for the purchase you can go to beauty centers or take advantage of online sales. Among the best masks for remove blackheads which exploit the absorbent power of natural coal, I would like to point out one that is "a little anonymous" but with an excellent quality / price ratio. You can buy it on Amazon with 11.99 euros and free shipping costs. It is a really effective and "delicate" exfoliating mask (even those who, like me, have sensitive skin problems can use it). For all information on the product, I refer you to the official Amazon page: Black Mask Bamboo charcoal.

I reported this mask was prepared with activated carbon obtained from the carbonization of bamboo plants derived from sustainable cultivation.

Can blackheads on the face be crushed?

It is not very appropriate to squeeze blackheads under any circumstances, this practice is even less recommended if you are not familiar: if not squeezed in the right way, the whole area can become inflamed causing the onset of pimples or even small pustules. We advise you not tocrush blackheads, but if you really want to know how to squash blackheads correctly, we recommend a more "healthy" practice. First, make sure youcrush blackheadswith clean hands and not sweaty!

  1. Open the pores by placing a warm towel on the face for 15 minutes or with fumigations.
  2. Wrap each fingertip with a cotton ball or gauze then proceed with the squeezing of the blackheads.
  3. After this phase, spread an astringent mask on the face and leave it on. Then, wash your face with cold water to close the pores, and apply a sebum-balancing cream.

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