Garlic smell on the fingers: what to do

To have smell of garlic and onion on fingers and hands is normal after cooking. But it is not pleasant. The problem is that the typical garlic scent, which is certainly not the most refined, can last several days and withstand washing. What to do then? Here you will find some practical advice.

Smell of garlic and onion: the natural antagonists

You have smell of garlic on the fingers? Fight it with parsley. Is the smell of onion bothering you? Then the remedy is celery leaves. In both the first and second cases, after rubbing your fingers well with the natural contrast (parsley or celery), rinse your hands well under running water.

This is not a joke and it is not the recipe for sautéed mushrooms: the natural enemy ofsmell of garlic it is really parsley, which used in abundance can replace soap after a demanding session in the kitchen. The same applies to celery when there is a need to make the onion smell disappear.

The smell of garlic and onion: the do-it-yourself cleaners

But let's assume that you don't have natural contrastants at hand, or that you need something more practical and immediate. Good. In any case, forget about the aggressive soaps and detergents that you find on the market and focus on natural remedies that you can prepare yourself.

Baking soda, lemon juice and white vinegar are once again the best allies in natural cleaning, even when your hands need to be cleaned. Use these three ingredients to wash your hands well, which you will then rinse under running water. Smell of garlic and onion they will disappear for sure. But also the smell of fish and egg.

Another remedy natural against bad odors on the fingers is the coffee powder, or alternatively the coffee grounds. You can also make a handy hand-washing paste using coffee grounds and lemon juice. And to always have clean and soft hands, rub them with raw potato pulp and lemon juice.