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Dog shampoo, De gustobus. But whose? Yours or theirs? Even if it comes to dog shampooin fact, people fish around for products that sound human. Dog shampoo with orange, Dog shampoo with strawberry, with watermelon, even, and for the most sought after, with green mint and lemon grass. Yes, in this case, “De gustobus” refers more to us bipeds than to our 4-legged friend who must be washed, soaped and rinsed with vigor. So much so that the choice is wide. The line Pet Head offers a wide range of dog shampoo, and not just shampoo.

For those with a party dog ​​and sociable, the orange scent is the trend, and the product is 'White Party' without a doubt. Fun guaranteed!On the contrary for dogs that, if they were human, would be called "cobblers" the pairing strawberry-yogurt that's what it takes. Soft and velvety: homemade. Said “to the Pet Head.” “Feeling Flaky”, clear right?The "peperini" dog shampoo you can trust, but up to a certain point, it is the green mint and a pinch of lemon grass, 'Dirty Talk': 475 ml of frothy character, which knows its stuff.Also from Pet Head, summery, red, lively and energizing at the same time, comes "Life's an Itch". : a name not to be misunderstoodIt should be read figuratively, and so dog shampoo it should be used gracefully, with a good rinse for a paw friend ready to be the protagonist, themed, of summer barbecues, on the beach or in your garden. Or even curious snacks with children, picnics and so on. But in the open air, clearly. It sounds like an imperative, but it is a delicate and pleasant product dog shampoo with strawberry and lime, an always summery but more refined flavor, with that contrast of sweet and sour that makes a simple bath a lasting experience. At least in the air. And our dog will seem to beg: "De Shed me". Abandoning the names and flavors that are more of a cocktail than dog shampoo, the Pet Head line offers for lovers of the classic, an "Oatmeal" with oatmeal, very nutritious and less "showy".

Abandoning Pet Head and its original titles, and the equally original "tastes" of dog shampoo, let's throw ourselves on the "all vegetable": a catchphrase among lovers of animals, nature, and lovers and that's it. The Interpet dry shampoo is not only for dogs, it is also excellent for cats and small rodents, it is so rich in vitamin PP and lavender oil.Free of salts, 100% vegetable: I recommend it to anyone who believes it is dog shampoo it must be what they would choose. So the closer it gets to their nose. No sparkling or fruity flavors… I'm not talking about steak flavor, but I mean maximum attention to hygiene and cleanliness of the coat. Full respect for their being simply and genuinely animals.

Wanting to go into the merits of color, of the animal, there are also dog shampoo that caress the pride of the 4 paws light-haired, even if they are puppies: the bottle for white coats Ingenya Whitening whitening nourishing detangling softener. From the same house, there is also a shampoo for dogs with a nourishing effect and volumizing: the second effect is given by grape seed oil, which is extremely emollient, while olive oil nourishes and protects just like the corn and soy wheat proteins that restructure weak and brittle hair. We are talking about Igenya Shampoo nourishing and volumizing ideal during the moult or to restructure the coat in older dogs but also for puppies "of first coat".

If the problem is not the volume, but the nodes, after a good one dog shampoo you can opt for a detangling and nourishing conditioner which facilitates combing and gives shine.

The magic lies in the mix of jojoba oil, mink oil and avocado oil that act right down to the root of the canine hair. To treat it in the most agile way, even for us owners of shaggy-haired dogs, you can also opt for the use of balm dissolved in hot water, to be applied after washing and partially rinsing the coat. Even the puppies will be satisfied, once convinced to stay still for a "double sweep". A dog caressed with this balm will certainly feel the weight and honor of a centuries-old tradition, that of the Aztecs who with thejojoba oil they also took care of sunburns but above all they made beauty masks.

Mink oil deserves credit for being wonderfully soothing: it works for the skin, and very well also for the hair that is worn out, perhaps for the season, perhaps for the age of the dog. The fact is that, seeing is believing, with a pass of nourishing balm you can comb everyone, and without effort..

Another effective “knot-free” but spray, no rinse, perfect for long-haired dogs it is rich in silicones that even give a silky effect, while the polymers, hidden in the sprayed droplets, silently protect the integrity of the hair. GMO-free and innovative this spray.

When you love a furry 4-legged, you end up not missing anything, so how not to try the conditioner that softens even the paws, rich in Shea butter and avocado oil.
For those who do not always have time and prefer to walk or play with their dog, if not dozing off in the garden, in short, "anything but going crazy to lather it", the solution is mathematical: the 2 in 1 shampoo for dogs and odor removers with long hair. This is undoubtedly my salvation, even if, I must admit, that Pet Head's names and tastes are a great temptation for an original owner like me. With the arrival of summer I could tease my little dog - a vain Bernese mountain dog of 50 kg - to a watermelon, perhaps on the occasion of the early summer barbecue. Certainly never be able to make her say "De shed me", but to snatch a "Dirty Talk", maybe yes.

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