How to choose terrace plants

How to choose terrace plants

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Do you have a nice terrace at home? How about embellishing it with plants and flowers? A furnished balcony with a wonderful green corner allows us to stay outside in the shade on sunny days and enjoy the coolness in the evening. Unfortunately, many people, while enjoying a large terrace, do not know how to set it up; if you are new to gardening you may in fact have some difficulty in selecting the right plants. Here are some useful on how to choose terrace plants adapted to your needs. For further information, the article "How to design a terrace garden" may be of interest

How to choose terrace plants, the exhibition
Before you decide which plants to place on your terrace, you need to evaluate the exposure! If the balcony is oriented to the north, you will have to prefer shade-loving plants, although it should be noted that this position is the most difficult, since there are very few plants that do not like sunlight: at this point the choice is drastically reduced! The situation calms if your terrace is oriented to the south: in this case all the plants that like to be kissed by the sun will be for you. You can also choose varieties that seek dim light. For terraces and balconies facing east or west, the varieties to be preferred are those with partial shade.
Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the possible presence of taller buildings that can block the light from your terrace: a significant problem that would force you, even if the exposure is to the south, to opt for half-shade plants.

How to choose terrace plants, the climate
The climate also plays an important role in the choice of balcony plants. We cannot forget that winter is a very hard season for plants, especially if you do not have the opportunity to bring them indoors and arrange them in a suitable place. In principle, we can make the following assessments: in areas where the winter temperature drops below 15 degrees, it is better not to leave the plants outside on the terrace, except for some robust varieties such as heather which is well suited to the cold. In places where winter does not bring temperatures to drop below -5 degrees, you can opt for other varieties of plants that can withstand even some snowfall. In regions with a mild winter climate or where the mercury column does not fall below zero, a wider variety of plant species can be chosen.

Once you have defined these two very important parameters, you can choose the plants to place on your terrace.

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