The largest offshore wind farm in the world approved in the UK

Mind theoffshore wind in Italystruggling to take off, in Great Britain it gives the"Street"preparation of theoffshore wind farmlargest in the world.

Before I release the details about thelargest offshore wind farm in the world, let's take a look at the situation ofoffshore wind in Italy.

Offshore wind in Italy

In sight, in Italy, there is no staging ofoffshore wind farms, despite the fact that more than 15 projects have been presented off the Italian coast, which have fallen into the total disinterest of the Government and Confindustria. The philosophy of Italy does not seem to focus on the safety of the waters, nor on the safeguarding of local fishing. Legambienteinvestigated thoroughly by presenting a dossier with the eloquent title:"Drills YES, off-shore wind NO. From Taranto to Termoli, from Gela to Manfredonia all the wind barriers at sea and the green light for drilling rigs“.

In total, Italy has 11,686 km² of marine surface suitable foroffshore wind; the ideal areas are above all those of central and southern Italy, with Puglia in the lead.

Largest offshore wind farm in mono

Abandoning theBoot, L'offshore windit has found “fertile ground” in European waters and even more fertile in British waters, where the largest offshore wind farm in the world is coming to life. Once completed, the project will have a total capacity of 2.4 gigawatts and will be able to meet the country's 2.5 percent energy needs.

The plantlargest offshore wind farm in the worldis calledDogger Bank Creyke Beckbut its glory will not last long: in neighboring Scotland there are plans to set up plants offshore wind farms from 7.5 GW (East Anglia Offshore Windfarm)or even 18 GW.

Theoffshore wind farmDogger Bank Creyke Beck will be located approximately 130 km off the coast, occupying an area of ​​500 square km. L'offshore wind power plant it will consist of two separate 1.2 gigawatt parks and 200 turbines each. The parks will connect to the existing oneCreyke Becknear COttingham, in the East Riding, Yorkshire.

The approval came after 4 years of planning by the Forewind consortium and the division between the four international energy companies,RWE, SSE, Statkraft and Statoil. This work included the largest study of an offshore area by a developer of wind energy never undertaken, with more than £ 60 million spent on polls.

The project was welcomed as a "great impulse for Torkshire and Humberside ":will manage to create hundreds of jobs in thegreen economy with the ability to power up to 2 million homes with clean energy.

The British secretary for climate and energy said: "Making the most of home energy produced in Britain means creating jobs and businesses in the UK, getting the best deal for consumers and reducing our dependence on foreign imports. Wind energy is fundamental for this project, with 14.5 billion pounds invested since 2010 in a sector that supports 35,400 jobs”.

Video: Dudgeon: A documentary on one of the worlds largest offshore wind farms (December 2021).