Solar powered garden lamps

Garden lamppostssolar energy: prices, models and selection of the cheapest proposals on the market. THE garden lamp postssolar powered are ideal for lighting a garden without an electrical system.

Solar powered garden lamps

When it comes to solar-powered garden lamps, a nice distinction must be made! The market offers solar-powered garden lights that serve more of a decorative purpose than an enlightenment. Those who want to illuminate the garden with solar-powered street lamps will have to prepare to spend large amounts. THEsolar powered garden lampsthey integrate energy accumulators so as to be able to store electricity during the hours of light and return it in the form of light energy during the night. To maximize the efficiency of the energy collected, isingle energy garden lamps they exploit the high luminous efficiency technology, the LEDs. In other words, you have to buygarden lamp poststhat have:

  • efficient storage system
  • LED lamps with high luminous intensity (the greater the number oflumen, the more light the lamp will produce)
  • compact and efficient photovoltaic modules
  • attractive design

The price ofsolar powered garden lampsvaries according to the characteristics listed above. If you need LED lamps capable of illuminating a space of 2-5 meters, it is possible to take advantage of small solar-powered street lamps, accessible in price but which do not have a fixing structure, in fact they must be anchored to pre-existing walls or structures or specially prepared: it is possible to have poles capable of accommodating the solar powered garden lamps. Used individually, they are practical solutions to illuminate certain areas such as the porch of the house or the gate.


Solution to illuminate the entrance to the house, the garden gate, the intercom ...
In low light conditions it is difficult to locate the switch to operate a light bulb. In these cases, you can use photovoltaic lamps that are activated automatically at dusk, or, to further save money, you can choose street lamps with motion sensors that are activated only when a person passes by. Even if the solution seems rather cumbersome, both the installation and the price are accessible and within everyone's reach.

Among the best models on the market we point out the Solar LED spotlight SOL 80 plusfrom the price of 66.99 euros with shipping included in the price. For the assembly and complete review of this LED outdoor lamp, solar powered and with automatic ignition, we refer you to the article Solar LED lamp. Pay attention to the price and the product you buy: some models are similar and differ in price due to two factors, aesthetics (the white color is more expensive than the black color or the aluminum version) and the number of LEDs.


Those who are not interested in aesthetics can focus on LED lamps for exteriors less refined in appearance but much cheaper. Among the promotions of the moment we point out a LED and solar-powered garden lamp with an excellent quality / price ratio.

The Frostfire solar spotlight (shown in the photo above) with timer and motion sensor, illuminates a range of 5 meters and like the previous model features a timer. It can be purchased at the promotional price of 39.99 euros with shipping included. For assembly, you can take advantage of the instructions contained in the article reported above.

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