Parquet, how to choose types and colors

Parquet, how to choose types and colors

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Parquet, how to choosetypes and colors: a guide onhow to choose the parquet,the main notions to know about the different compositions ofparquet, finishes and any maintenance works.

Theparquetit is not a simple floor covering: it is, in effect, a strong element of interior design, it is furniture. Theparquet authentic (we say "authentic" because given the popularity of the material, imitation parquet is also available on the market, much easier to manage, cheaper and compatible with underfloor heating systems) is made of wood, a material used for centuries to make comfortable the environments. When are we going to buy theparquetit is important to know to choose as there are many types ofparquet.

Parquet, how to choose: the types of parquet

There is thesolid parquet also incorrectly called "solid parquet", it is the most valuable type of parquet because it is made up of noble wood only. The solid parquet, in turn, varies according to the chosen wood essence. In the hierarchical ladder, just one step lower than the solid parquet we find the "supported parquet", composed of a first layer of noble wood placed on a less valuable wood support, the supported parquet varies according to the chosen wood essence and for the thickness of the support and the layer of noble wood. Furthermore, we have laminated parquet and faux parquet.

In the articleHow to choose the parquet we have explored, in detail, the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of each type ofparquetcommercially available. Before proceeding with the purchase, we advise you to carefully read the page just indicated.

Parquet, how to choose: colors, shades, finishes ...

Depending on the essence you choose, theparquetit can have different colors, shades and veins. Again, blogs tend to get confused between colors, veins and finishes!

The finishes are quite another thing. The finishes are independent of the essence, in fact each type of parquet can be painted, oiled or left raw! Natural parquet does not have any finishes, by finish we mean the final layer that makes the parquet glossy or opaque or even personalized! Once again, to understand in detail the types of finishes, we refer you to the article mentioned above and entitled,How to choose the parquet.On this page we will continue to talk about essences.

Forchoose the parquetyou need to know the properties of wood: wood, in contact with light, oxidizes and changes color, most of the time, after installation, the parquet tends to darken slightly except for teak which becomes lighter. In which room theparquet? In dimly lit environments, light essences are recommended; you must also consider the type of domestic heating: if you intend to install radiant floor panels, you would do well to orient yourself in the fake parquet or choose a parquet pre-finished, more stable and also much cheaper, perhaps with the noble layer in doussié, iroko, teak or merbou woods, also suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen. Theparquetdoes not particularly like water, especially if it is solid!

Parquet, how to choose: maintenance

For choose the parquet more suitable, do not rely only on your tastes but examine the needs of the environment so as to minimize maintenance. Wood is an organic material so it should be respected as much as possible. For choose the parquet right, also take a look at the different maintenance interventions that differ according to the finish and the type of parquet chosen. All information is contained in the article Parquet maintenance.

Parquet how to choose: the colors

The colors of the parquet depend on the essences, therefore on the type of wood.

  • The red woods are:
    - merbau, an Asian essence with a brown color;
    - the doussiè Africa, a golden-reddish essence that lends itself to different uses, in some cases it could be suitable for rooms with radiant panels.
  • The light woods are:
    - American maple, a very light beige essence that tends to darken slightly;
    - beech, a typically European essence with a pink hue.
    - oak, a light essence that tends to become straw yellow over time.
  • Dark woods:
    - wangé-Panga, is a dark African essence that tends to maintain a constant color over time;
    - mutenye, another African essence that comes in shades of different colors, from brown to yellow to gray and dark gray;
  • The brown woods:
    -iroko, is an African essence that tends to change hue over time (changes with exposure to light), it is particularly suitable for bathrooms and kitchens because it is resistant to humidity;
    -teak, is a tobacco-colored essence, resists humidity so much that it is loved by the nautical sector;
    - Afrormosia, the color is slightly olive, is recommended in case of underfloor heating.

To get an idea of ​​the prices of the parquet and compare the different offers, take a look at the Amazon page, you go from over 200 euros for parquet solid wood for about 30-50 euros for parquet with support, up to 20 euros for parquet laminate: Parquet on Amazon.

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