Humidity in the house, the most effective remedies

Solve the problem humidity in the house it can be simple even if on some occasions, where mold and stains are particularly important, it requires the intervention of an expert. in some situations it may be sufficient to improve the internal ventilation to have substantial improvements. Let's see in more detail what to do in case of humidity in the house.

The first intervention consists in checking whether the humidity is due to a lack of adequate ventilation chambers, to water infiltration or is it just the fault of inadequate air recycling.

Humidity in the house, air chambers
The air chambers are essential in the house, especially if it is a ground floor dwelling. They must be carried out during the construction of the house itself, but it is possible to intervene with renovation works, where possible, even at a later time.
If the humidity depends on the lack of adequate air chambers, this investment must necessarily be addressed to have a livable home. The advice of an expert in this case is essential. Also remember that some types of renovations benefit from a tax bonus: for further information, please read the article "Restructuring bonus"

Humidity in the house, infiltrations
The issue of water infiltration often proves to be problematic; it is not always possible to identify where the leak comes from, since water can infiltrate almost everywhere and make relatively long journeys.
Before starting to break walls to get to the cause, we can use a thermography; in this way we will be able to highlight the presence of the leak. However, if the mold occurs in correspondence, for example, with the pipes in the bathroom, the question is much simpler, since there is a high probability that it is precisely that pipe. Here, too, expert advice is recommended.

Humidity in the house, lack of ventilation
If you have the bad habit of always keeping doors and windows closed for fear of the cold, it is very likely that humidity can arise. Changing the air is vital in a home, not only to have oxygen, but also to release any vapors from the kitchen and / or shower.
The shutters should always be left open both while cooking and after taking a bath, so that the vapors escape. Even wet and / or damp clothes in the house during the night can be a problem, so there must be good air circulation in the room that hosts them. The salts that absorb excess moisture are also very useful: this is the case with natural dehumidifiers; in this regard, we recommend reading the article "DIY dehumidifiers"

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