Home remedies for ants

Spring is now upon us, and the tireless ants will certainly visit us to recover supplies for the long winter. It is not at all pleasant to be with miles of ants in the house or worse in the pantry!

What to do to dissuade ants to colonize your own apartment? In this regard we will show you some rremedies against ants in the house which involve the use of natural products readily available at home. These are non-invasive solutions that will lead the ants to move away.

Home remedies for ants, prevention
To keep ants away from our home, the cleanliness and hygiene of our home plays a fundamental role, avoiding leaving around the house residues of food, crumbs or food in open bags in places of easy access.
Do not underestimate the fact that ants can easily pass under doors, furniture and doors, and that they can also enter and exit from drawers and wall units.
Try to keep the house clean at all times, close food in plastic and glass containers and always leave tables, floors and sinks free of residues and crumbs.

For greater prevention, it is advisable to thoroughly wash furniture and floors with hot water, bicarbonate and white vinegar periodically, at least once a month, especially if you live on the ground floor or near the countryside: the disinfectant action of these elements will guarantee cleaning. deep surfaces, not to mention that ants hate the smell of vinegar.

Home remedies for ants, non-invasive treatments
To eliminate the ants, we can use vinegar or a solution based on water and chilli; in both cases, you will need a spray bottle with vaporizer. These solutions should be sprayed in the affected area, along the path followed by the ants or in the holes or cavities from which they come out. To prepare the solution with water and chilli, just pour a few chopped dry chillies into a container of water, let it rest for a couple of hours.

Warning: if you have pets at home, prefer the solution with vinegar which, although it has a strong smell even for humans, is not harmful, unlike chilli which could irritate the mucous membranes and eyes of your dog or cat. Remember that these natural repellents should be applied once a day and constantly.

If, on the other hand, you are faced with a real nest of ants in the house, you will have to proceed according to the size of the anthill itself. If it is a small nest, then the remedies described can be absolutely valid, but in the event that the anthill is large, it is better to call a professional exterminator to eliminate the problem at the root.

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