How to consume less fuel with the car

How to consume less fuel with the car

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Does your car consume a lot? The point is not how much a car can consume but how much we are able to cover more kilometers with the same tank. The car is used every day; to go to work, to shop, to take the children to school ... in short, a car is essential! And since we cannot give up on its use, we can at least learn some little tricks, to do a few more kilometers.

Whatever type of fuel you use, you just need to change your driving style to increase the mileage of your full tank: let's see specifically how to consume less fuel.
How to consume less fuel, useful information
What car do you own?
The car must respect its own needs and requirements, in the sense that a car with a large engine may prove useless for running errands in the city: more fuel and money would be needed for a full tank;

Is your car well maintained?
The car must always be kept clean; at least every week it should be washed by removing trinkets, rubbish and dead weights to avoid loading it and carrying unnecessary weights;

Do you check the tire pressure?
It has been shown that a slight increase in the atmosphere in the tire can increase mileage by up to 1-2%.

What kind of oil do you use for the engine?
With the use of synthetic oils, whose viscosity goes from 10W-40 to 5W-30, resistance actually decreases, improving mileage;

How fast are you going?
Speed ​​is known to eat up fuel, so it would be advisable to keep an average speed constant, avoiding constant gear changes and also producing less exhaust gas

Do you have the bad habit of leaving the engine running even when it is not needed?
If you get stuck in traffic, or in front of a level crossing or in any other circumstance, for long periods, it is preferable to turn off the engine;

What about maintenance?
it is essential to periodically carry out constant maintenance on the car, choosing the best parts for replacement, especially as regards spark plugs, oil, breather valve, air filter, oxygen sensor and pre-heater pipe, which can drastically reduce the fuel efficiency.

Alternatively, you can consider doing car pooling or car sharing, that is the good old way of sharing expenses among friends. In addition to being a practice with an environmentalist spirit, it is also a good solution to save money while having a car! All that remains is to look for travel companions. In this regard, we refer you to reading the article "Car pooling, sustainable travel".

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