Neem tree: properties

Neem tree, Neem oil, we hear more and more about the many properties of this ancient plant of thousands of years and the reasons for so much attention are interesting. One of these is the immunostimulating effect of the seeds Neem tree that ENEA is studying on birds as part of research on alternatives to the use of antibiotics in animal farms.

Some experiments carried out on pigeon babies have already shown that the administration to the birds of controlled doses of substance extracted from Neem Tree seeds it is able to reduce the mortality on the farm by 30%. If research confirms these positive effects on other animal species as well, such as chickens and rabbits, it could be a big step forward for food safety.

The seed extract of Neem tree it acts differently and more naturally than antibiotics given in intensive farming for disease control. In fact, it naturally increases the immune defenses of animals making them healthier and less prone to diseases.

In the experiments on pigeons, the seed extract of Neem tree it was mixed in very low concentrations with the feed administered to feed the birds and this was enough to produce surprisingly positive effects. Made even more interesting by the fact that Neem tree it has very low costs and could represent an economic opportunity for breeders.

L'Neem tree (Azadirachta Indica) is typical of the subtropical areas of India, where it has been used for thousands of years in all its parts, but it also grows in Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and the Philippines. It is an imposing plant, of the mahogany family, which reaches 30 meters in height.

In India, the Neem Tree it is called the 'village pharmacy' and there are numerous properties recognized in the various parts of this plant:

  • insect repellent;
  • organic plant protection product (marketed as Azadirachtin);
  • natural antibiotic against gram-positive and gram-negative germs;
  • natural cosmetic for the treatment of acne and skin diseases.

Here are some extract based products Neem tree

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