Sweet almond oil, properties and uses

Sweet almond oil, properties and uses

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Sweet almond oil, properties, uses and advice. Applications for a more refined-looking face.

L'sweet almond oil has stood out propertyemollient and has the ability to nourish and elasticise the skin. It is highly moisturizing and therefore recommended for a large number of uses.

In cosmetics, thesweet almond oilit is widely used for the formulation of moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, hair products, masks ... it is indicated on cosmetics labels as "prunus amygdalus dulcis oil ".

Sweet almond oil in pregnancy

The use ofsweet almond oil it is recommended for those who are facing a pregnancy as well as for those who are following a diet with consistent weight loss. The reason for this recommendation? Thanks to his property elasticizing, almond oil is indicated to prevent the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks or to mitigate stretch marks already present, typical of a sudden weight loss or weight gain.

Sweet almond oil, properties

L'sweet almond oilit contains fatty acids, vitamins (especially E and B), proteins and mineral salts such as zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Its uses are many and range from skin care to moisturizing lips and hair.

At the time of purchase, we recommend choosingsweet almond oil obtained from cold pressing.

Sweet almond oilfor skin care

L'sweet almond oilcan be used as a natural moisturizer, perfect for making skin smooth, soft and well hydrated. To moisturize the skin withalmond oilit can be applied both before and after a shower, even better if accompanied by thermal contrasts alternating jets of hot and cold water.

In this way, thesweet almond oilit will perform a double action, on the one hand it will hydrate your skin and on the other hand it will make it more elastic, assisting the toning action of thermal changes dictated by water temperatures.

L'almond oilit is particularly suitable for those with dry skin, thanks to the fatty acids it is possible to counteract the annoying flaking caused by dehydration; in these cases, however, it is equally important to learn to drink more and "hydrate the skin from the inside".

Sweet almond oilfor lip care

If you have dry, chapped lips or just want to protect them from the cold and wind, spread a light layer of almond oil on your lips, it is an excellent natural substitute for cocoa butter.

Almond oil for hair

Revives and restores tone to brittle and dull hair. To treat hair withsweet almond oilit is possible to make a pre-shampoo pack to leave on for 40 minutes to two hours. This pack is a natural remedy for brittle and dehydrated hair.

Almond oil, in fact, is an excellent emollient, it acts on the hair much better than other oils. The use of this lukewarm oil on the hair can improve the structure and quality of the hair considerably. Just use a spoonful of warm oil, massage your hair then cover with a cap or cling film.

If you have frizzy hair, you can use almond oil as a conditioner, without the need for rinsing. How to use it? After shampooing, pat your hair very carefully. Apply small amounts of almond oil when the hair is still very damp and dry with a classic hairdryer.

If you go to the pool, you can prepare a pack before diving. Leave the almond oil on the entire length of the hair, wear a swimming cap and swim carefree: the almond oil will protect the hair from chlorine and nourish it.

Sweet almond oil on the face

You can prepare a mask to eliminate facial impurities, de-inflammation the skin and hydrate it thoroughly. Like? Here are the ingredients

  • a glass of fine green clay
  • a spoonful of sweet almond oil
  • 1/2 glass of natural mineral water

Prepare the mask to apply on the face and leave on for 10 minutes. For all the instructions, please read the articlemask with green clay.

Where to buysweet almond oil?

It is possible to buy it in any natural product boutique or on Amazon where you can find products at very competitive prices.

Among the various products I would like to point out an "anonymous" sweet almond oil (it does not have a brand) but it is of excellent quality and very cheap: a liter of 100% pure sweet almond oil can be bought at a price of 10.24 euros with free shipping costs.

For all information on the product, I refer you to "this Amazon page“.

I have been using sweet almond oil for a long time (I have also often bought "the Provençals") and this is undoubtedly the one with the best value for money ever. Just like I Provenzali sweet almond oil, it is 100% pure and has no added fragrances.

Almond oil, pregnancy and breastfeeding

It is recommended to use thesweet almond oilduring the nine months of pregnancy, to be applied on the belly, hips and breasts. L'sweet almond oilit should be applied with circular movements and is intended to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

During breastfeeding, thealmond oilit is useful for moisturizing the skin of the breast; it is a product that can be applied without any contraindication for the offspring that will attach to the breast to feed.

Sweet almond oilon children and babies

Sweet almond oil is delicate, so in the absence of particular allergies, it can be used on babies and children. Any nappy rashes can be alleviated with almond oil so that skin irritations caused by measles, chicken pox and eczema can also be alleviated thanks to the emollient action ofsweet almond oil.

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