DIY irrigation system

DIY irrigation system

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When the temperatures get quite high, people try to escape to the sea or to the mountains to save themselves from the scorching heat of summer. At home, however, there are our dear plants, which need water, especially in hot weather. There are those who are luckier and entrust the care of the plants to their friend or neighbor ... and who does not have this luck? In this case, you can organize yourself with an automatic irrigation system or create some DIY techniques with your own hands that guarantee water to the plants; certainly cheaper and more ecological. In this regard we will show you some do it yourself irrigation system giving you some useful tips.

DIY irrigation system, irrigation with the gel
Special gel spheres that gradually release the water are available for sale in specialty stores and nurseries; they are in sachets and are very cheap. Once brought home, simply immerse them in water for a precise time, then you can put them in the plants, above the ground: you will have to refer to the instructions on the package). The hydro-gel capsules will gradually release the absorbed water so that the soil always remains wet.

Useful recommendation: not all plants are compatible with this system, therefore always ask your trusted supplier for advice.

DIY irrigation system, plastic bottles as sprinklers
Here is a DIY irrigation system that is very effective and simple to make; all you need is several empty plastic bottles and an awl. On the cap of the bottle you will have to drill two small holes with the awl, making sure that each hole is really small, so that once the bottle is turned upside down, the water drops in a drop.
At this point, take the bottle, fill it almost completely with water and cap it. Your do-it-yourself irrigation system is ready: you just have to take the bottle so made and put it upside down in the soil of the plant. If you have to stay away for several days, you can also put multiple bottles in the same jar, in order to ensure a greater yield of your small craft plant. For further information, we recommend reading the article "Drip irrigation system"

DIY irrigation system with a can
To create a do-it-yourself irrigation system that can contain a greater quantity than water bottles, you can opt for a system to be made with a tank and pipes. You need a large canister, tap, garden hose, two connectors and two tubes.
The realization is very simple: just connect the tap and a rubber tube to the tank that you will close at the end with a cork. Take the two drip implant connectors and insert them on the rubber tube. Hang your tank full of water upside down near the plants to be irrigated.

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