How to cook without oil: a guide to seasonings

How to cook without oil: a guide to seasonings

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How to cook without oil: a detailed guide on how to dress without oil and without fat. Dietary alternatives to oil for fat-free cooking.

In the past we have already told you about the art ofcooking without oil; today we continue to talk aboutalternatives to oilso as to cook without fat and with a lower calorie intake.

We remind you that not all cooking methods require the use of oil: it is possible to cook on the grill, roast, steamed, in foil or in the oven usingalternative condiments to oil.

How to cook without oil
Grilling or grilling is particularly suitable for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables (practically you can cook everything!) And to flavor your dishes it is not necessary to use oil, you just need to use various spices that sometimes have the ability to speed up your metabolism too!

Even cooking in the oven does not require oil: place the food on a sheet of waxed paper and season with salt, pepper, spices and fresh herbs. The dishes cooked in the oven can count on a good mixture of aromatic herbs, even mixed: rosemary, sage, thyme… You can prepare a generous mixture and store it in the freezer so as to have a handful of fresh herbs always at hand.

Even non-stick pans (be careful to use a non-stick Teflon-free pan) and the pressure cooker can be the right ally for those who want to understand how to cook without oil and fat. Other guides that may interest you:

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How to season without oil

The oil problem is not found only with cooking but also with the dishes to be served raw. Who is on the hunt for alternative condiments to oil you will find, below, a dense list of proposals ready to make you dress without a ml of added oil!

  • Raw yogurt
    Dressing the salad with plain yoghurt and herbs (chives, dill, chopped cucumber) is a typical Greek custom that can cheer, with low fat, even the palate of Italians who care about the figure.
  • Soy sauce
    It is very tasty, this alternative to oil can season fish and meat. It is not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure, indeed, if you use it, avoid adding salt because it is already very tasty (and salty) on its own.
  • Vinegar
    Vinegar can be a perfect condiment, if you use a delicate white vinegar you can add a tablespoon of mustard to season salads and meat and vegetable dishes.
  • Gomasio
    We are talking about an Asian seasoning based on salt and toasted sesame. It is excellent on everything and can be bought in the ethnic department of the supermarket.
  • Lemon juice
    It is perfect for fish dishes but also roast meats and salads.
  • Orange juice
    It goes well with salmon (especially in foil!) But it can also accompany tasty meat escalopes. In restaurants it is often used to flavor tuna and white meats.
  • Pink grapefruit
    It is excellent for dressing salads.
  • Wasabi
    Very spicy! It is a typical Japanese condiment also called "horseradish sauce". It goes well with raw vegetables and carpaccio. To soften the spicy flavor it should be used with soy sauce or exotic vinaigrette.

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