Dentist in Croatia: savings and high quality

Dentist in Croatia: savings and high quality

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Dentist in Croatia: a choice made by an increasing number of people who want save on dental care without sacrificing quality.

Contact a dentist in Croatia for a complete treatment plan it allows you to achieve savings of over 60% compared to what a dentist in Italy requires but it is very important to choose a structure that also ensures the highest quality.

Among the state-of-the-art facilities we point out the clinic Ars Salutaris, located in Zagreb, who created the site to present its services in Italian

There Ars Salutaris it's a ISO 9001-2008 certified clinic, SINCERT DNV, an international certification that guarantees the quality of service and all medical interventions, performed by a team of highly experienced dental specialists.

The clinic has 5 dental rooms and a surgical one and is equipped with the “top of the range” dental equipment produced by the US multinational Kavo, one of the most renowned companies in the sector in the world.

All rooms offer ergonomic armchairs to ensure maximum comfort for patients, sterilization and disinfection of all instruments is ensured by a professional room exclusively dedicated to this purpose.

For the design of dental prostheses, the clinic Ars Salutaris has the latest equipment with computer programs dedicated to 3D modeling, used to define with the utmost precision the implant insertion point and the processing of crowns and bridges which thus adhere perfectly and do not require further corrections.

Ars Salutaris clinic can count on the professionalism and authority of the leading specialists in Croatia, such as Dr. Pezo, dental specialist and expert in prosthetic dentistry, CAD / CAM technology and the most innovative dental materials. Dr. Pezo is also president of the Croatian Dental Chamber.

Dr. Celic, on the other hand, is a specialist in dental prostheses, with extensive experience in complex dental cases and in implantology. Celic is a consultant professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Zagreb.

To make the offer of its services even more advantageous, the Ars Salutaris offers all Italian customers free round-trip transportation from Trieste and free accommodation in Zagreb, in a 4-star hotel, equipped with wifi connection, satellite TV and air conditioning.

For those arriving by plane there is a free transfer service to the clinic.

If you want defer payment you can also enter into a plan of financing through an Italian financial company partner of the clinic.

To request more information or to request a free quote you can refer to the site where you will find a specific electronic form or telephone numbers to contact.

To personally check the potential savings that you can obtain, you can visit the page "Prices“, Directly accessible from the navigation menu, in which the prices applied in Italy are compared with those applied in Croatia by the Ars Salutaris clinic.

The team of professionals of the Ars Salutaris clinic

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