Gray mold and strawberry antonym

Gray mold and antonom are two typical diseases of strawberries. There gray mold it is a fungal infection that also affects other essences, while the antonomo is a 'specialist' parasite in strawberries and raspberries. In fact, we speak of Antonome of Strawberries or antonome of raspberries. Run for cover if you don't want to risk the delicious harvest of your strawberry.

Gray mold of strawberries: symptoms

It manifests itself with a grayish layer on the leaves and especially on the fruits. The diseased parts must be removed and destroyed, but if you do not intervene in time, the plant tissue dies and the strawberries are no longer edible. And if spring is rainy, the threat of gray mold increases.

Gray mold of strawberries: prevention

First, the strawberry seedlings must be placed well away from each other, so that the cultivation is well ventilated. Loose soil and straw mulch are a good defense because they help the fruit stay dry. In addition, mulching with straw helps keep slugs away, which are another danger to strawberries. Another excellent natural prevention consists in planting garlic and onion among the strawberries.

Gray mold of strawberries: remedies

As a prevention but also as a remedy after destroying the diseased parts, it is useful to sprinkle horsetail macerate on the strawberries (with repeated interventions). Liquid fertilizer based on nettle macerate is also excellent, even better if with the addition of onion macerate. In general, all the remedies that are useful in the treatment of mycosis are indicated.

Strawberry Antonome: Symptoms

If you see the strawberry buds drying out and falling, it means that the seedlings are infested with the strawberry tree. It is a curculionid beetle parasite whose female pierces the stems and lays eggs in closed buds, from which the larvae emerge. It is almost never a serious problem and usually a little attention is enough to prevent and solve.

Strawberry Antonome: prevention

An effective prevention in stopping small antonom beetles is to mulch the soil in the spring using fern fronds.

Strawberry Antonome: remedies

Immediately at the first symptoms it is possible to intervene by spraying tansy infusions on plants and on the ground. For a lasting effect, the treatment should be repeated again after harvest.

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